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Still new still lost

Posted: 2013-07-10
by Mark180
hello people of the olden age i was looking over the campout financial and policy pages and found that there is a $ 250 reimbursement fee? is this for country's ? is it per person? or what? this scares me :lol: can anyone give me the basics on how these campouts work i read the policy and every thing but im not sure how this works

Re: Still new still lost

Posted: 2013-07-10
by Lord Cailen Sendor
When a country or a player runs a event they and only they can be reimburse for up to that amount for things they spend money on to run the event as a player it is not something you will ever have to worry about.

In effect it is the largest amount for a single event that our organization is willing to invest... in props and other things.

People do not always spend this much nor is it a requirement to reach that total. I personally have spent out of pocket to help run events and for this campout but have not submitted anything because we are waiting to see what expenses we have in front of us for our name and for insurance to my knowledge.

That being said again as a player new or old you do not need to worry about this limit we place on those running events for our group - unless you wish to run a event :)

And again most events we reuse items and have no expense out of pocket for the organization beyond getting the use of property to play on and that cost is not related to the reimbursement cap.

Does that make sense?

Re: Still new still lost

Posted: 2013-07-13
by fingers630
damn, I thought it was $75!