For those who Home Brew: A store for Supplies and Equipment.

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For those who Home Brew: A store for Supplies and Equipment.

Post by Noctis » 2014-07-05

So, one of the hobbies that Darkon has introduced me to, has been homebrewing mead. Likewise, I know a number of other members are also into beer/wine brewing at home.

Recently, I managed to find one such store that sells Homebrewing supplies and equipment for beer, wine, and mead, and I'd like to pass it along to those interested, especially for those looking for such a place in central/northern Maryland.

The location is called "The Thirsty Brewer", a locally owned and operated store, located at 13600 Long Green Pike, Baldwin, Maryland 21013 . (Its on the corner of Long Green Pike and Baldwin Mill Rd.)

The staff is knowledgeable, and helpful with brewing and equipment questions. All reviews I've seen for the store have been positive, as was my own experience as a customer

Additionally, on the first Wednesday of every month, they run a Beginner's Brewer class at the shop. with food, snacks, and the product of last month's class for those who attend to enjoy.

If you're interested, you can find their website at OR you can Like them on Facebook at: ... 0104438372

You can also contact them via phone at 410-592-2843, be sure to ask for either Tom or Nick.

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