New player kinda lost

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New player kinda lost

Post by Mark180 » 2013-06-26

hi ive been reading over the darkon website for about a month now and was planning to go to my first event this Sunday June 30 2013 pre adventure in burtonsvill md but im not sure when check in starts or how long the events last can any one help? (question mark face) :?: :?: :?: :?:

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Re: New player kinda lost

Post by [__Yak__] » 2013-06-27

Hi Mark!
I have only been to 2 events so far - so I remember precisely what you're going through. All the information IS available - it's just not all in once easy place.
Check-ins start at noon - there should be no problem finding where to go. There will be a big clump of people in funny clothes with a few with clipboards. The ones with clipboards are the "Marshalls" who will need to inspect you. The only one you need to worry about your first time is the "Garb Marshall" - who will make you sure you are in minimum garb. The others are for Weapons and Armor - but you(we) can't wear armor yet and you shouldn't try to make weapons til you've been to some events.

As far as where you go from there - that will depend a lot on you. Countries aren't really actively recruiting at events - they are too busy getting their stuff together. Pretty much everyone is nice. But it seems that most expect new people to not come back out (I'm not sure what the newbie burn rate is) - so they just don't go out of their way to make an impression on you. If you're a suave conversation starter you can probably strike up enough good will to field with a country if you just ask nicely. You're pretty much going to die a lot - no armor, no experience, borrowed weapons. So try to be helpful how you can. I blocked some arrows and drew attention while my countrymen did the killing. I didn't get a single legit kill my first day, but I had a blast. Good attitude goes a long way to a country wanting you.

Good luck.

Edit - I think events run formally from 1pm - 4pm. Some people don't seem to make it that long in the summer heat - others will linger afterward chatting with friends,

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Re: New player kinda lost

Post by Sir Aethilgar » 2013-06-27

Hello Mark and welcome;

Check-in begins at noon and the event lasts until people are too tired to keep fighting; which often depends on the weather.

I will have spare weapons and garb at the event that you are welcome to borrow. Look for me near the banner of a black dragon on a gray field. See you Sunday!
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Re: New player kinda lost

Post by shroom2021 » 2013-06-28

If you are looking for a country, Elidorian green is a great color to wear ;)

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Re: New player kinda lost

Post by Ericson » 2013-06-28

Are YOU apathetic to your surroundings?
Are YOU a fan of a leisurely mozy towards the fields of battle?
Do YOU like to sit in a comfortable chair while taking long breaks from fighting?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, join Elidor.

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Re: New player kinda lost

Post by fingers630 » 2013-06-28

Amen to that.
Also you are required to learn to yell "Kick their Ass!" in response to any Elidorian yelling "* up!"
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Re: New player kinda lost

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2013-07-27

Solid advice: don't let the color shirt you happen to be wearing influence your decisions. ( Unless the decision is to eat spaghetti, and your shirt is white)

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