Newbie Website Soft Launch / Plea for Help

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Newbie Website Soft Launch / Plea for Help

Post by [__Yak__] » 2013-09-26

"Can't stop the signal, Mal."

A couple months back I stated this quote from Serenity regarding getting info to new players outside of the normal channels of Darkon. Info about garb primarily - but being a severely new player myself - I decided to try to get all kinds of info out to fellow-noobs.

Anyway, I would like a lot of you more experienced players to check it out and let me know if you would like to help with content: photos, tutorials, articles, who know? You'll see bright yellow callouts all over the site asking for players to contribute. They might look like this: Image You can contact me through the site - or find me at an event. (I am the dude with the yak tail hanging from his ass and big yak skull on his shield. You can usually find me in the "dead" position on the field.)

Some stuff of interest to almost everyone though -

CONTESTS - I'm going to sponsor several contests for 2014: "$20 Garb," "Masters Garb," "Still Image," and "NoOb Fight Club," (pending Darkon approval)

Also - I'm offering equal RECRUITING space to anyone who wants. Since this site is going to be promoted at new players - some attention to recruiting might not go amiss.

So, what else? Yeah - like I said: "soft launch" - so it will go through some more design-type stuff as I get time. I am right now trying to get real content into it. It may also be a little slow - as there is a lot of dev junk going on in the background. So - sorry 'bout that.

OK - so ... check it out and let me know if you're interested in helping or submitting materials.

Thanks for your time!
- Yak

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