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Custom Jewelry

Posted: 2013-11-16
by Kobalos
(yeah, no one ever uses this section of the boards, hehehe)

I make custom jewelry, particularly chainmaille, casting, and precision-cut gemstones. I will work with you to make your dream ring or necklace a reality, whether it be in silver or gold, or aluminum, steel, or titanium.

Some places to see my work or get hold of me:

Zibbet (similar to Etsy)
Etsy. Lots of my old custom projects on the "sales" page, though I don't list much on there these days.
the dreaded Facebook

I've made stuff for quite a few Darkonians--feel free to ask around. I'd name 'em, but I'll leave it to them to self-identify in the comments if they so choose ;)

Re: Custom Jewelry

Posted: 2013-11-17
by Thrush Svartehjertet
Dude's hardcore legit! he made me a freakin TITANIUM chain for my titanium Mjolnir.


Re: Custom Jewelry

Posted: 2013-11-18
by Sir Tyriel Firebrand
This is true, Kobalos makes really good stuff.

Re: Custom Jewelry

Posted: 2013-11-22
by Kobalos
Thanks, guys--I appreciate the good word.

I took a bunch of pics of previously-unlisted jewelry, plus have some more cast silver rings in the works. I'll hopefully get things up on Zibbet this weekend.