If you have any Questions about the Islands place them here

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If you have any Questions about the Islands place them here

Post by Magistrate » 2013-02-10

Greetings this is the 1st year we have done anything like the Island mod to my knowledge and as it is a work in progress any questions you have please place them here and they will be answered.


1. the mod will be run at all day events during the land actions
2. adventure rules will be in play but the MOD will be seperate from the day event in all ways in that nothing that happens in the mod will affect the day event at all other then having the possible knowledge of what occured in the mod - for example if a player is assinated then they just will not be able to enter the mod the next time the mod is run as a result of the assination within the mod - no spells cast in the mod will carry threw the portal magic - only certin spells on a player will travel threw the portal (they will all be listed before we start it) held spells will be allowed to go threw if the island allows the spells to be used on that Island - and precast protection is also allowed if the Island allows that magic on it.
3. If we need to adjust anything it will be publically announced so all know of the changes and why we did those changes
4. Creatures may have abilities that you have not seen before or abilities that have never been used that way before - one example is that there may be a time that certin things creatures may have the ability to brake (weapons or sheilds) or ignore (armor) when this occures it will be announced clearly and the players will be expected to respond to these things in character and overcome the situation. Anything that is destroyed or bypassed is restored to full function or resembled by the portal magic when the mod is over when you return to our "world" so it only affects things in the mod.
5. There may be artifacts that only have power in the mod - you gain them possibly by defeating thier guardian or having them in your hand and live threw the timer count. Any abilities they have will be made clear and they are to be returned at the end of the mod as you pass threw the portal to get back - you will sign the artifact and the next time you enter the mod the artifact will apear on you as you enter the mod at which time it can be taken by any creature or player on that island in the mod that manages to remove it from you.
6. Finally the goal here is to have fun and to that end the Mod will change and adapt to what is going on in the best way possible to allow this to occur.

Good Luck!

the 1st time this will be run will be at the Burtonsville battle (possibly no creatures on the 1st run threw just to get people accustumed to how it will be run)

In service,
HRM Cailen Sendor

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