This is where countries, retinues and other in-game bodies should post recruitment statements.
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A tattered missive appears throughout the darkest corners of the realm, the paper appears to be some kind of strange leather... the ink is faded brown. It reads:

You are weak. You are pathetic. You are nothing, and the Gods know this. They laugh at your existence. You are merely a pawn in their celestial game, fit only for their amusement. Yours is the fate of many destined to die a sad and miserable death....

But fate can be altered.

Open your mind, and heed the call of the Chaos Horde. You are weak, we will make you strong. You are pathetic, we will make you feared. You will become a part of something far greater than yourself, and you will win Glory.

Even the gods will weep.

'Love is false. Hate is real. Damnation is our salvation and your gods wept the day we were born. You will know us by the trail of our dead we leave behind.'

Live for the Slaughter. Glorious Death.

Guy LeDouche the Bloodied
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Chaos Monk of Khorne
Matron Mother of House LeDouche
"We kneel to no man...because we can't"

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