The Brotherhood of The Black Hand

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The Brotherhood of The Black Hand

Post by [__Yak__] » 2014-09-14

The Brotherhood of The Black Hand is always accepting new members, as sometime travelers, or full brothers/sisters.

"Travelers" can hang with us on our good times. You can still consider yourself a nomad or even just be an 'alt' character whose main allegiance is somewhere else. Your fellow Travelers will vote on whether or not you can keep hanging around. (We call this the 'dick filter.')

"Brothers/Sisters" just need to dump previous allegiances and be awesome players - good garb, good sportsmanship, and good attitude being most important. If you can fight that's cool too. But we just like good players so if you are more into role play or support - we got space for you.

We have no intention to accrue large amounts of imaginary land or stockpile imaginary gold. We intend to make sure there is war in our wargame - and get paid in hard coin. If we go to war - everyone goes. Yes, you, no armor noob. Bring a stick - we're fighting. (This is counter-intuitive to current land rules, and we will likely cause us to lose to offsetting mercs in plate - but no one sits the bench.)

A wise man once told us: "Everyone in Darkon has egos - the key is for your ego to not crush someone else's."

A wise man indeed.

Thanks for your time.
- Yak

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