Royal Houshold

This is where countries, retinues and other in-game bodies should post recruitment statements.
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Royal Houshold

Post by Lord Dubh » 2012-09-28

The Royal Household is the support system for the High King. It is run by the Lord Chamberlain.

With the victory of HRM and the expected pomp and circumstances of coming months we are having to expand our duties within the household. We are also adding a payroll to the household, so you will receive gold for showing up and doing your job.

Understand these are not honorary duties, we truly need help in all the things we do for the various members of the royal household. As a member of the Royal Household you may have to NOT FIGHT while performing your duties. You may have to show up early to gatherings in order to perform your duty. You may even have to follow directions of those who are stationed above you.

The point is, you can't say you want to be part of the household and then not show up or not do what is expected.

Here are the list of openings:

Master of the Household - Is responsible for set-up and tear down of the Royal Space at gatherings. Ensures the Captain of the Household Guard works with the Kitchener to ensure only those authorized enter the grounds of the household and partake of the food and drink provided. Is the secretary of the Lord Chamberlain.

Kitchener - Aids the Lord Chamberlain by taking responsibility for the preparation of and maintenance of the foods and drink within the household at gatherings.

Royal Heralds – Messengers of His Majesty and helps manage the Courts.

Household Guard - Lead by a Captain and maintains the safety of the members of the Royal Household and acts as court guards, supporting the King’s Guard, when the Royal or Chamberlain Court is in session. Will be choosing a Captain for this as well.
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Re: Royal Houshold

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2012-09-28

These are all honorable positions and I support this kind of addition to our roleplaying and to flesh out the royal court great idea!

Prince Cailen Sendor
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