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This is where countries, retinues and other in-game bodies should post recruitment statements.
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Here ye here ye

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2012-01-20

Let it be known that Prince Cailen Sendor, has per Noble mandate shown our High King Slindar Magrashall, High Paladin of Kodos, that he has a banner and livery for his retainers.

Below is the mandate

“Knights Retinue
A knight’s retinue is comprised of those who have sworn
fealty to a given knight and have become his loyal
retainers. The retainer must wear their liege's symbol
while the wearing of a country symbol is up to the
knight, retainer and the retainers’ country. If the retainer
wears a country symbol, which symbol takes precedence
(i.e., which symbol is larger) is up to the knight, the
retainer, and their country. If the knight and the retainer
are in the same country, the knight’s symbol can count as
the country symbol. To form a retinue a knight must
show the High King that he has a banner and livery for
the retainer.”

Let it also be known that Prince Cailen Sendor is currently seeking those who would wish to swear fealty and become his loyal retainers.

There are three separate avenues to which one can swear fealty.

1. Personal House (Order of the Ayalon) (Hebrew meaning "deer, gazelle.")
A retainer within this group shall wear both the country symbol of Elidor and that of Prince Cailen. A retainer within this group shall serve both Prince and country. The applicant must either be a member of Elidor at the time of swearing allegiance or arrange to join Elidor by Elidorian law and procedures outside of the relationship with the Prince. This group will fight as a field unit under the Prince and the King of Elidor.

2. Personal Brother or Sister in Arms (Order of the Cathair)(Irish Gaelic meaning "warrior.")
A retainer within this group shall wear only the Prince's livery and not be serving any other country in essence this allows for those who are nomadic to field and fight at the side of the Duke and not be bound by any service to Elidor in any way. Additionally, in the case of a retainer that does have a home country they serve they may wear both the livery of the Prince and their own countries symbol and fight alongside the Prince as long as their country has not taken the field. Thereby fighting along side the Prince for that day or period of time while also having no ties to Elidor.

3. Brother or Sister in Arms (Order of the Comgal)(Irish Gaelic "joint pledge.")
A retainer within this group shall wear both the country they serve and the Prince's livery. They fight on their own country and only fight along side the Prince in the case of a Crown War. In all other cases the pledge to the Prince has no normal significance other then the benefits of membership given by the Prince and having to support Cailen in who he decides to side with in a Crown War.

Benefits by membership as follows

All Orders shall receive the following

Personal warrior training at times agreed by both parties most likely at events 1 to 2 hours before the event starts.

One member of any Order shall when facing another member of any Order be allowed to request personal challenge duels and have the other members of the order support and protect such duels. These challenges shall be only valid where there is no case of war. They should be requested in honor and not for the benefit or advantage of one side or the other in the conflict. Finally they should not be requested if the numbers are such that it detracts from the melee at large. (Requested when they are one of only a few left standing on one side or the other so as to allow Chivalric displays of personal glory and battle prowess)

Prince will provide assistance with labor and tools in crafting armor. (Basically I will help you to make armor --- you will get my assistance and can use my shop and tools but you will provide the needed materials)

Financial support depending on the Order they are in, obtaining weapons and gear described below. (The Prince shall do what is fair and reasonable to support those who support him by passing on wholesale pricing from Edhellen)

(Order of the Ayalon)
40% off Edhellen gear

(Order of the Cathair) and (Order of the Comgal)
30% off Edhellen gear

Final Note

For those who do not know our history here is a brief overview

Started fighting Darkon in 1985
Member of a country of archers called “Alentar”
Joined Validmar serving Archduke Tarim
Was one of the few in game who chose to play lawful good instead of evil or being neutral
Became a Paladin to show the Paladin’s at the time what a real Paladin was
Founded Elidor serving as 1st King of Elidor in 1987
Appointed Sir Alfred Goldenhue King of Elidor in 1997
Served as Champion for Archduke Tarim
1st to fight with spear and flail
Noble fight record of over 30 victories and only one loss and that was when defending against Duke Croaker rising in rank
Have had over 10 in game squires, both male and female with most being not in the same country as myself
Have always defended the weak or outnumbered when they were unjustly persecuted regardless of their alignment or religious outlook
Have played both a ranger and a paladin and is one of the most experienced archers and cavaliers in the game
Have personally brought over 100 people into Darkon
Have personally trained over 100 people in Darkon in all forms of weaponry
Have always helped those new to the game in any reasonable way, while going out of my way to do so on too many occasions to keep count
Had a heart attack during one of my Noble fights when defending against Baron Bannor when he was fighting to go up in nobility – succeeded in defending the title and finished the fight victorious

If this were the type of Noble that you would give your support too I would be honored to receive this support with an open mind and heart (feel free to contact me at any event or using the in game message system)

Yours in service and brotherhood,
Cailen Sendor
Prince of the realm
++ Respect those above your station and train others under you to surpass your achievements - while you treat others with the respect you expect to receive in return! ++

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