Opinions and input/unofficial chapter possibility

Discussions related to the topic of having Darkon chapters or an over-all Darkon Alliance of clubs all using the same rules or similar enough rules to allow for inter-club events, and character reciprocity.
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Opinions and input/unofficial chapter possibility

Post by Arion_Lightseeker » 2013-09-21

In a bit of a quandary and want some advice and opinions. Some of you know that I've started a foam fighting group in Culpeper and thus far we've been doing well. We meet on a weekly basis and enjoy rough fighting, as alot of us have background in Darkon and Dagorhir.

Well, we have Amtgard as our ruleset, and, well, it's lacking. As I've stated, we play rough, people like to grapple, shield bash, and all that. They enjoy playing the classes and RPing on a lighter scale. However, Amtgard frowns on rough play, due to a lower age limit, I'm guessing. So, players are going to want a medium between intense combat and the LARP side. Well, I"m going to propose the Darkon ruleset, and they may jump all over it.

If that's the case, I want to make sure we do Darkon justice as we're close by (kind of) and Silverdain is also a neighbor in Harrisonburg.

I'm sure we can easily adapt to the combat, but there are the other "core rules" may take opposition. We may still play on a weekly basis, the majority of our shields are Dag and Amt legal, I'd hate to toss them aside. Weapons will more than likely have to change, as we built a boatload of omniblades, but will probably follow Dag and Darkon specs.

Other than that, we will probably follow the other rules to a T.

The hurdles we'd have to come over is tracking credits, if there can be reciprocity between clubs, and everything else.

Thoughts, opinions, feedback? Thanks!

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