Helpful Guidelines for New Darkon Based Groups

Discussions related to the topic of having Darkon chapters or an over-all Darkon Alliance of clubs all using the same rules or similar enough rules to allow for inter-club events, and character reciprocity.
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Helpful Guidelines for New Darkon Based Groups

Post by Defalcone » 2012-04-18

I thought that with the ideas of associated Darkon groups coming around, I would post this to help groups who are just getting started.

1.Consistency- Set events and go to them no matter the turn out, maybe there are only 2 of you, but fight anyway.

2.Recognition- Set up a little sign where you fight proclaiming your group and have some type of contact info on it.

3.Be friendly- If someone is on the sidelines is watching don’t be afraid to approach them and ask if they have any question.

4.Teach- Don’t just line up new people on one side and beat on them, show them how fight properly and don’t be afraid to intentionally lose a fight or two. If a potential player thinks they have a chance they will be back.

5.Haters’ goanna hate- You’ll get them, the cat calls of all sorts. My favorite way of dealing with them is hand them a weapon and show them just how violent nerds can be. We have a 16 year old girl who has humbled more than one adult male.

6.Set a routine- Do check in and safety checks even if there are only two of you, every single time!

7.Advertise- Make up some flyers and post them at local game store, books stores and grocery stores any place that allows you to put up flyers. The more you get out there the more people will see.

8.Friends-Don’t be afraid to hurt your friends feelings, don’t pass something that isn’t safe just because they are your friend, safety first!

9.Waivers- Have plenty on hand, and make sure before anyone picks up a weapon they sign one! Put them some where for safe keeping, even scan them to be sure you have a back up.

10. Ask Questions- Come the the boards and ask questions about the rules you are not clear on, someone will help you.

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Re: Helpful Guidelines for New Darkon Based Groups

Post by Lord Dubh » 2012-10-02

This should be stickied....
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