Dagorhir Territorial Fighting

Discussions related to the topic of having Darkon chapters or an over-all Darkon Alliance of clubs all using the same rules or similar enough rules to allow for inter-club events, and character reciprocity.
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Dagorhir Territorial Fighting

Post by AndorOfDargarth » 2012-08-10


An enterprising Dag fighter started this group because he wants to see all of US Dagorhir fighting on a land map with similar-to-Darkon land rules. (God only knows what Dagorhir will say about it, they are tight-fisted to say the least.) This is a pretty good example of why, in my opinion, Darkon should open up its rules under an open source license - I think we'd see a lot more of this if people were explicitly encouraged to use, remix, and share the rules.


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