Rules Changes for 2014

Official announcements from various governing bodies of the club.
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Rules Changes for 2014

Post by Inox » 2014-01-21

This is my attempt to collect rules changes made throughout 2013 from the posts to this board. As the rulebook was not updated by the 2013 Board to reflect any of the changes made, either in the first or second half of the year, this is a best effort situation where something could have been missed.

However, everything collected here has been approved by Senate and the BoD, and is a rule currently in effect.

A rulebook edit is underway by the 2014 Board that will reflect these changes.


Order of the Mask

a. Order of the Mask (CM)- Given to those individuals to one individual annually, chosen
as the best representation of their class. Companions of the Mask are awarded by the

Golden Spud

f. Golden Spud- Awarded to one individual annually for having a great attitude and
showing eagerness and loyalty to the club. Awarded by the Senate to a player that has
joined the Club within the past 12 months.

Two Weapons in One Hand

It is legal to hold two weapons in one hand and using them to block is not anviling.


Every country WILL offer one Elder each event. Report to the Magistrate or Event Elder.
Elders will enforce the rules, even calling peoples shots, as mandated by the rulebook. Anyone arguing with an Elder will be sat down or sent home dependent on the severity as determined by the Elders.


The adventure skills/spells, neutralize poison, immunity to poison and purify food and drink can be used in any scenario in which the use of poison is permitted by the rules.

Costume Marshal

The Costume Marshal will inspect the costuming of all participants as they check-in, and Elders will enforce the costuming rules during game-play. If at any time a participant is found to be not in appropriate garb, they will be required to play with only a single handed sword/club/bar; if they are already participating, they will be made to fight with a single handed sword/bar/club until such time as they have on appropriate costuming. The Costume Marshal still has the right at all times to deny participation in the day’s event to any participant whose costume is deemed inappropriate if it is deemed necessary.

Arrows and Javelins

Specifically if a player deflects an arrow by use of a weapon or hand and they are not a monk they are required to take a light wound in the arm doing the deflection regardless of skin spells or armor. The damage caused in this case is a penalty for doing something strictly against the rules.

If your weapon is struck and you had no idea an arrow was coming at you and you did NOT place your weapons to act as a deflection point then and only then you do not have to take a wound. If an arrow hits your weapon and the weapon is between you and the archer and is acting in any way shape or form as a deflection tool you are to take a wound to the arm holding the weapon with the added result being dropping the weapon to the ground immediately.

Padded Armor (AC 1)

Padded armor (Gambeson, Aketon), must be a vest, jacket, or pants constructed to present a medieval appearance and must include at least two layers of fabric with padding secured between them in either a series of tubes or a grid. Padded armor must not compress past 5mm in thickness. Both a costume marshal and an armor marshal must inspect padded armor for it to be deemed passing.

Change from 'Word Count' to 'Syllable Count' for Spells

CHANGE p. 11 Spell Marshal line:

Ensuring that spells of casters (scrolls, books, etc.) are written to the proper word syllable length.

CHANGE p. 39 Spell Books line:

Each spell is assigned a spell length, which is the minimum number of words syllables that the spell must contain in order to be cast.

REMOVE p. 40 Casting a Spell – Example text

Example: If a Mage is casting Lightning Bolt, which has a required length of at least 150 words and the five word invocation line "I, [Name], invoke Lightning Bolt!" he must read at least 145 words to cast the spell.

CHANGE p. 41 Spell Characteristics:

The base number of syllables a spell must consist of in order to be cast; this does not include any reductions.

REPLACE p. 42-57:

All references to ‘Words’ in the individual Spell Descriptions would be replaced by ‘Syllables’.

CHANGE p. 60 Potions and Scrolls

When writing the spell on the scroll, the creator should determine the number of syllables according to his rank.

'Enchant Personal Bow/Crossbow' to 'Enchant Personal Weapon'

This spell allows the Ranger to imbue a bow or any one of his other weapons with magical energy; this weapon may then be used against creatures that can only be affected by magical weapons. When the spell is cast, the Ranger must place green ribbon or green tape, on the weapon in a visible manner (above the handle or on the shaft). When the weapon is in use, the Ranger should call, "Magic!" before the color. This enchantment functions only for the Ranger who cast it. The enchantment does not carry over between events and is dispelled naturally at the end of the event.

Country Coffers

As stated above, a country’s funds are known as its ‘Coffers.’ In general, hexes of land and mines produce income on a seasonal basis; acquiring land, construction of assets, and upkeep of assets expend income. It is the duty of the Land Marshal to record and maintain the balance sheets of each country; upon request, a country Liaison may receive a current copy of his country’s balance sheet at any time from the Land Marshal. Revenue is generated twice a year, it is credited or debited from the country coffers on the Vernal (March 21) and Autumnal (September 21) seasonal equinoxes.

Warrior Mages not allowed to use Magic Shield Scrolls

Adding the line "with the exception of Magic Shield scrolls" to the line saying Warrior Mages can use everything a Mage can use.

Holy & True Strike Tape Proposal

REMOVE FROM Javelin description, p.18:
A javelin must be marked with blue tape on the shaft to signify that it is a throwing weapon.

CHANGE Create/Destroy Holy Weapon, p. 43:
The weapon’s striking surface must then be covered with blue cloth and the name of the Cleric’s Deity must be written clearly on the weapon. Alternately, the weapon may be marked with a strip of blue tape (above the handle or on the shaft).

True Strike p.88: The weapon’s striking surface should be covered in gold cloth. Alternately, the weapon may be marked with a strip of gold metallic tape (above the handle or on the shaft).

'Comprehend Languages' Spell

Mage – Rank 2
Warrior Mage – Rank 2
Length:75 words
Duration:1 hour
Range: Caster
Area of Effect: Caster
Energy Cost: 1 spell point
Material Component: Arcane symbol

This spell allows the caster to understand a single language. The caster need not know what the language is called, but a spoken or written example of it needs to be present at the time of casting.

When this spell is fully reduced (11th rank), the caster is also able to speak and write the language.

At 20th rank, the caster may understand, speak, and write any language she encounters, and no example needs to be present when the spell is cast.

Thief Ability - 'Read Languages'

At 7th rank, a Thief may ‘Read Languages’ other than the common Darkonian tongue. This skill allows a Thief to immediately translate any written text that she reads.

This understanding is generally plain language only; it does not automatically solve any puzzles or riddles, decode ciphers, or uncover hidden meanings.

However, a Thief of 20th rank and above is even savvier at deciphering, and may receive additional clues or hints at an Elder’s discretion.

'Hold Portal' Spell

Hold Portal has footnote 3
Mage – Rank 4
Warrior Mage – Rank 4
Length:100 words
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch
Area of Effect: 1 portal, chest, or other closeable item
Energy Cost: 1 spell point
Material Component: Bright green ribbon at least 1” wide

This spell allows a Mage to magically seal a door, gate, chest, pouch, or any other item able to be closed.

To show that the spell is in effect, visibly tie a bright green ribbon on the closure, or at the center of a gate.

Nothing can then open the sealed item except the casting Mage, the Release Portal spell, or a Thief of at least 20th rank.

Attempting to use Pick Pockets on a pouch or other worn item that’s sealed by this spell automatically fails unless the Thief is at least 20th rank. Even then the magical lock effect of Hold Portal adds an additional 5 seconds to the attempt (for a total of 10 seconds required).

However, the item can still be physically destroyed through the use of a battering ram, catapult, Fireball, etc.

The caster may open and close the item freely without recasting the Hold Portal spell. A caster may have only one Hold Portal in effect at any time.

Removal of Woodland Colors Requirements

Druids should be garbed in primarily woodland colors and must wear a nature symbol to signify their character type.


Druids must wear a nature symbol to signify their character type.


Under "Rangers", removal of the following sentence:

A Ranger's costume should primarily consist of neutral/woodland colors.

Remove Alignment Requirement from Monks

Monk characters strive for rigorous physical and mental discipline. Monks may use any weapons except shield breaking weapons, bows, and crossbows. Monks may not wear any armor or use any type of shield.

New AC3 Chainmail Specs

Chainmail armor is constructed of interwoven metal rings, and the ratio of the diameter of those rings to the width of the wire used, known as aspect ratio, determines its strength. The maximum ring sizes for standard European 4-in-1 chainmail armor, both butted (including welded) and riveted, are given below. Chainmail armor made of sturdy links that fails to meet the requirements of AC3, e.g. shark mail or butcher's mail, will count as AC2.

Butted Mail must have an aspect ratio of 4.8 or less, as follows:
12g rings must be no larger than 1/2" (0.5") or 12.7mm
14g rings must be no larger than 3/8" (0.375") or 9.8mm
16g rings must be no larger than 5/16" (0.312") or 7.8mm
18g rings must be no larger than 3/16" (0.188") or 5.8mm

Riveted mail must have an aspect ratio of 7.5 or less, as follows:
12g rings must be no larger than 3/4" (0.75") or 19.8mm
14g rings must be no larger than 9/16" (0.562") or 15.2mm
16g rings must be no larger than 7/16" (0.438") or 12.2mm
18g rings must be no larger than 5/16" (0.312") or 9.1mm

Additions/Modifications to Spell Casting Rules

The spell is considered "cast" when the full spell has been read, up to, but not including the invocation line should one be required. Once the spell is cast, the caster may then hold the spell indefinitely before invoking it.

The the following spells should be marked with the footnote #1 (which currently is not in use for anything):

Cleric- Word of Holding, Turn Undead (Include Rank in invocation), Curse
Druid- Lightning Bolt, Warp Wood, Dispel Magic, Entangle, Nature Love
Mage - Magic Missile, Lightning Bolt, Dispel Magic, Ice Storm, Feeble Mind, Fireball
Cavalier- Turn Undead
Warrior Mage- Magic Missile, Dispel Magic

Footnote #1 should be then removed from any spells not listed above, and have the notation "Spells marked in this fashion require an invocation line before they are considered cast."

Armband Rewording Change

If a player is wearing any hidden armor or armor that is hard to identify then they must wear a colored armband that represents the highest hidden or hard to identify armor type at the head armor marshal’s discretion. The armband must be on their weapon arm and made of cloth or tape at least 1 ½” wide. If the color of the armband is similar to that of the costume worn under it, the colored material must be placed over a white band at least 3" wide. All armbands must be clearly visible.

AC1 Blue Armband
AC2 Green Armband
AC3 Red Armband
AC4 Yellow Armband

Thief Ability - 'Find/Remove Traps'

At 5th rank, a Thief gains the skill ‘Find and Remove Traps.’ This skill allows a Thief to uncover traps and disarm them.

The Thief should visibly hold her skeleton key in an outstretched hand when using this ability, and should always inform an Elder prior to its use.

Thieves of 5th-10th rank can detect and disable small physical traps such as poison needles, trapdoors, etc. They can also detect larger, full room physical traps, which may include even incidental things such as a tunnel near collapse.

Thieves of 11th-19th rank can also detect (but not disable) magical traps such as glyphs, stone guardians, etc.

Thieves of 20th rank can detect and disable any sort of trap. They may also elect to bypass a trap they could disarm, leaving it active after they pass by.

The effect of this skill is subject to the discretion of an Elder; the use of this skill should facilitate and not supersede plot development.

Thief Ability - 'Open Locks'

At 4th rank, a Thief gains the ability to ‘Open Locks.’ This is a skill that allows a Thief to open, or pick, locks or barred doors.

The Thief should visibly hold her skeleton key in an outstretched hand when using this ability.

At 4th-10th rank, the Thief may open a non-magical lock in 15 seconds.

At 11th-19th rank, the Thief may open a non-magical lock in 10 seconds. She may also unbar the unmanned gate of a fortification, allowing the gate to be opened from the outside. An unmanned gate is one with no one within 10' of it who wishes it to stay closed.

At 20th rank, Thieves may open a non-magical lock in 5 seconds. They can also bypass magical locks or portals (including items affected by Hold Portal), and can choose to automatically lock or “re-bar” anything that they bypass.

At an Elder’s discretion, this skill does not function against locks and portals for which a specific means of entry is part of the Adventure plot.

'Detect Traps' Spell

Druid – Rank 2
Mage – Rank 3
Warrior Mage – Rank 3
Length:100 words
Duration: Concentration
Range: Caster
Area of Effect: 10 ft. radius
Energy Cost: 1 spell point
Material Component: Class symbol

This spell allows the caster to detect the location of any traps within a 10’ radius of her position. She can continue to detect as long as she concentrates, but she cannot run, cast another spell, fight, or take damage, or the concentration is broken.

When this spell is fully reduced (11th rank for Druids, 12th for Mage & Warrior Mage), the caster becomes aware of the specific nature of any traps detected.

Druids are limited to using this spell in natural surroundings.

The effect of this spell is subject to the discretion of an Elder; the use of this spell should facilitate and not supersede plot development.

Cavalier Requirement Rewording

Any character that has obtained Order Of The Sword (OSW) may become a Cavalier, by giving up all ranks in the class being given up to become a 1st rank Cavalier.

Rulebooks & New Member Fees

Remove the $5 fee for new members (previously this was for new rulebooks which are now available online).

Waive the $5 event fee for any persons first event (to help get new members).

Rulebooks will be still available as they are printed and they can be purchased at the rate set by the Board of Directors depending on the printing costs.

Chapter Agreements

1. A. Proposal to add new definitions and remove some incorrect statements:

Chapter Agreement

This is the contract between Darkon Wargaming Club, Inc. and another club that wishes to be part of the Darkon gaming system and world. Anytime there is a contradiction between the rules in this manual and the Chapter Agreement, the agreement always takes precedent and supersedes the rules of play.

The Club

The club is the real world organization that manages the game. It consists of the membership, as defined by the clubs bylaws, and is governed and managed in accordance with the clubs bylaws. The game system is designed so that many clubs can co-exist and interact with each other in the fantasy world created by the game. Each club is independent of each other but all follow the same core rules. Each club has signed a Chapter Contract with Darkon Wargaming Club, Inc. agreeing to play by the core rules.

The Rules

Core Rules

Core rules make up the bulk of this book. They are static and so do not change from club to club. As of this publication, only Darkon Wargaming Club, Inc. has the authority to change any of the core rules.

Realm Rules

Realm rules are those rules that are used locally by the club. The club may change these rules as they see fit.

The Game

The game is the result of following these rules. In the game is a fantasy world in which exists “realms”. In this fantasy world is magic, war, people (the characters), professions, mythical monsters and intrigue. The game should never be confused with the real world and activities in the game are fantasy and should not be related into the real world.

The World

The world is known as Darkon. Darkon is a fantasy world that is created when the rules of this gaming system are in effect.

The Realm

“The Realm” is the section of the world your character lives and is the in-game identity of the club. For example the Darkon Wargaming Club, Inc. has the in-game identity of the “Realm of Darkon”.

1.B. In addition I would like the following paragraph added to Participants:

A participant is a person that has joined a club that utilizes this gaming system. This person should not be confused with the character they portray in the game. Players may only belong to and get credit with one club at a time (special arrangements can be made when visiting other chapters). When the term “member-in-good-standing” is used it means a player that has paid their dues and is not currently suspended from game play.
Participants may move to another region and join another Darkon chapter. The player may then transfer all characters with full credits and awards to the new club as provided in the chapter agreement.

1.C.Add the following to CHARACTERS:

This is a fictional being that is being portrayed by a participant. This being only exists in the scope of the game and the actions of this being should not be taken as the actions of the participant. This being lives according to the rules of the game and exists only at the whim of the participant.

1.D.and remove from PARTICIPANTS:

New participants will pay a onetime, non-refundable, membership fee upon joining, as well as any dues for insurance (if applicable). Participant will then be given a rulebook.
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