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Official announcements from various governing bodies of the club.
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Forum Rules

Post by DarkonAdministrator » 2012-01-06

Forum Rules

We’d like to remind everyone that we take our Forum Rules very seriously. In order to foster constructive discussions in a safe, friendly environment, we do enforce our forum rules and expect our community members to treat each other with respect, even when disagreeing.

    •Do not register an alternate account for the purpose of disobeying the rules to avoid punishment of your main account. Alternate accounts created for this purpose will receive permanent bans.

    •Do not register an alternate account to post when your main account is banned. These alternate accounts will be permanently suspended and may necessitate other moderation actions.

    •Do not impersonate another person (including celebrities), indicate falsely that you are a representative of Darkon Wargaming Club, Inc., or attempt to mislead users by indicating that you represent Darkon.

    •Do not post messages for any purpose other than personal communication, including without limitation advertising or promotional messaging, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or other commercial activities.

    •Do not improperly use complaint buttons or make false reports to Darkon Wargaming Club, Inc. staff members.

    •Do not post personal attacks.

    •Do not attempt to interfere with, hack into or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running the Service.

    •Do not repost copyright and/or press material in its entirety from other sources. Quotations from things such as news articles are fine, provided it is cited and (if possible) linked to.

    •Do not post photos not taken by you without permission.

    •Do not post in all capital letters, use excessive punctuation, etc to draw attention to your posts.

    •Posts deemed inappropriate to a particular forum will be moved to a more appropriate forum or even removed completely.

    •Posts that have been removed are not to be re-posted.

    •Forum accounts are non-transferable. Registered users are responsible for any actions that take place on their accounts or private messaging systems.

    •If you have a post to report, use the ALERT button located on the post in question.

Lastly, please have fun. Although it looks like there are a lot of procedures and rules in place, most of these are common sense, and are meant as a safeguard to keep these forums active and relevant for the community of a game we all love. Abusing these forums affects everyone who enjoys this game, so we ask for your cooperation and your support in achieving and maintaining this goal. Suggestions to make this an even better place for our community are always welcome! You can PM any of the Community Team members with your input and we will gladly review it for implementation.

Our Community Moderation Team will be hard at work to keep the Forums friendly for everyone. They review player reports, help keep the forums organized, provide us with important information from the Forums, and are always helping point players towards helpful information. You can recognize a Community Moderator by the green texted name and a Community Administrator by the purple texted names.

Following these guidelines will ensure a great community experience for everyone. Note that violating the rules can lead to infractions and eventually to suspensions of your posting privileges. If you have a question about moderation, please feel free to contact us at EMAIL and we'll be happy to answer!

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Re: Forum Guidelines

Post by President » 2012-02-24

Reminder - When you signed up you agreed to follow these rules. Do not make the Moderators and Admins do their job.

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Re: Forum Rules

Post by Inox » 2014-01-06

The initial post above has been edited to remove rules no longer in place.

Also, while Community Moderators show in green, Executive Board members show in blue. There should not generally be any posts from an admin level account, as that's primarily for the backend.
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