Incoming Land Marshal

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Incoming Land Marshal

Post by Snudge » 2014-05-30

Hi everyone,

I'll be taking office on July 1 and just wanted to say hello again. There is one change I need to make and that is to appoint assistants that can act on my behalf to handle land events etc if I am unable to attend. Please show them the same respect you'd show me since they are willingly choosing to help our game run smoothly.

They are as follows

Robert Marietta - Bard of Ched
Benjamin (Gus) Rhodes - Mange of Nurgle
Carlos Santiago - Calus of Exsilium
Rob Thomas - Gorgrim of Kindred
Travis Neal - Kedryn of Chosen Blood
Andrew Ferrio - Ragu of Ched

I will ensure each of them has a copy of the land rules & monster tables so there is always be a copy around.

I look forward to working with everyone again
See you on the field
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