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Return of the Red Orc

Posted: 2016-05-26
by BilePlaguewind
An old wind battered ship pulls into the port. The sails of the cargo vessel, converted into a raiding barge had so many holes it barely held the air as it slowly pushed the rotten ship into the harbor. The gaunt crew shuffled across the deck of the ship looking for a place to tie onto the dock. As the boarding ramp was pushed out onto the dock, a dark hooded figure came forward from the bowels of the rotten vessel. How long had he been gone? Did he himself even remember who he was? Flashes of memory sparked in his mind as he tried to recall what exactly drove him from the land or brought him back. Rage clouds his past. The taint of the emotion causes him to sway with the rocking ship. How much time was dedicated to rage in the past? Now, he had returned. Quickly, the weary traveler sought out the nearest establishment full of adventurers and grabbed as many messengers as he could to spread word of his return. Maybe someone could help me remember what he had been or where he fits into this world. Seek me out and make your intentions clear. The simple message is rushed across the land taking the news to every corner of the realm. He stretches as he starts to get his legs back from the long voyage. Wondering who will contact him and finding out where he is welcomed occupies every thought as he retires to his bed.

"Bartender, bring me a drink and don't let my stein run dry. I am waiting for someone. I am not sure when they will arrive or who they are, but I will know them when they get here."