Credits between Official Darkon Chapters

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Credits between Official Darkon Chapters

Post by Edward_Basarab » 2016-06-09

Credits & Cross Gaming for Official Darkon Chapters
By Jonathan Barlow
With assistance from Alynna Lunaris, Christina Lunaris, Amy McNeal & Kevin Zygomontas

Recommended place for these rules are directly after Credit Transfers in Chapter 2 on page 17

The purpose of these additional rules is to both clarify that credits are shared between official Darkon chapters and to provide a way for players to play their character’s personality if the class doesn’t exist in the chapter they are visiting.

The last sentence is because this rule is being proposed as an additional core rule. It gives chapters the ability to determine what class a visiting player would play in their chapter. A reason for this would likely be if a chapter felt it made more sense IC if a specific visiting character class corresponds to a similar class instead of fighter. An example of this would be if the visiting class was a heavy magic wielding class. An OC possibility for the necessity of this clause would be if a chapter removed Fighter from their chapter entirely. As shocking as that would be, Character Types are not part of the core rules and this possibility should be accounted for.

Proposed Additional Core Rules:

Credits between Official Darkon Chapters

A player from an official Darkon chapter can check in as any of their characters at a different official Darkon chapter. Credits earned between official Darkon chapters are shared. However, the Secretary of the chapter being visited can require proof of previous credits earned from other official Darkon chapters for those credits to be counted.

Character Types that don’t Exist in All Official Darkon Chapters

If a player wants to check in as their character type from a different official Darkon chapter but the character type doesn’t exist in the chapter being visited, the player will be allowed to check in as that character type. However, at the event being visited the player will participate in the event as a Fighter of equal rank to the character type they checked in as. Check in credits earned at the event will count towards the rank of the character type checked in as. Additional credits can also be applied to the character type the player checked in as.

An official Darkon chapter can add it into their chapter rules that a specific or unspecific character type that doesn’t exist in their chapter will be played as a different character type instead of a Fighter.

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