Magistrate Clarification- AOE and Fortifications

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Magistrate Clarification- AOE and Fortifications

Post by fingers630 » 2016-06-09

Currently there is a bit of a grey area in regards to spells with AOE and what happens inside/outside a fortification. For example, someone warp woods and it lands outside the castle wall. But there are 4 guys with spears on that wall within 10ft of the spell. Do they lose their spears? This clarification addresses that issue and should be included on page 80 of the Rulebook, after the description of Gates.

"AOE does not pass through fortification walls. For example if a fireball lands outside of a tower, the inhabitants are not affected. Conversely, if a dispel magic is cast inside a fortification, it has no effect on someone standing outside of the wall."
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