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Necromancer Class Playtest additions

Posted: 2016-08-30
by Lord Valfryn
Necro additions: proposals

Change armor to: Necromancers may use armor up to AR2.

Add: Lv 1 Necromancer spell: Raise Minion (300 syllables). The necromancer may raise a minor undead servant from the corpse of a living being. This undead servant remembers it's name, functions normally, but does not retain any of its class abilities. The Undead minion has 2 hits, and is destroyed by a single hit from a holy or blessed weapon. The component of this spell is a grey favor with a black "M" on it.

LV5 : Sacrificial raise minion: the necromancer may use their Sacrificial charge to instantly raise a single minion. The minion raised cannot be the same creature sacrificed.

General: remove frost spike, grant javelin use. ( Class can already use a spear)
General: Necromancer may not weild holy weapons

Rank 8: The necromancer gains Destroy Holy Weapon spell (cannot create one).

Rank 10 abil: death memory- necromancer may remember events after their death.

Rank 15: May begin with precast held Spellball.