Imbue/Nullify weapon

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Imbue/Nullify weapon

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2016-10-06

There's an inflation of augmented weapons and players don't enjoy finding out that their weapons don't do diddly.

I feel that making magic/holy weapons less ubiquitous would aid in adventure/battle balancing. (Having normal gameplay effects to be discussed later)

Remove create/destroy holy, magic.

Replace with Weapons prop

Spell: Imbue/Nullify Weapon

Cleric/Mage Rank:8
Length: 300 words
Duration: 1 event*
Range: Touch
Area of Effect: 1 weapon
Material component:
Green tape (enchant magical)
Blue tape (sanctify holy)

After it is cast, this spell allows the playing caster to imbue a single weapon for the duration of the event. Mages enchant/nullify magical weapons, which are to be marked with green tape. Clerics sanctify/nullify "holy" weapons, which are to be marked by blue tape.

Creating an imbued weapon does not alter the damage dealt by a weapon, but may give the weapon augmented effects based upon Adventure Specific rules, or encounter rules. The exact effects of an imbued weapon will be determined by event Elders. Imbued weapon may be precast.

*Imbued weapons remain active only during the event in which the spell was cast, and the player who cast the spell is still in play. Imbued weapons may be "nullified" by using the reverse of this spell. A nullified weapon must remove its marking tape, and its effects are muted until the spell is recast.

Line item: weapon cover colors (would also apply for personal enchant):
1. As is (blue only) or tape
2. Blue for holy, non relic green for magic.
3. Imbued weapons can be of any color, but cannot be wielded at all if the weapon is currently nullified.

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