Current Necromancer Playtest class

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Current Necromancer Playtest class

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2016-11-14

Necromancer 2016
Necromancers are characters that are devoted to the balance between life and death. Weapons permitted to be used by a necromancer are: all white weapons, daggers, spears, javelins, all non chained yellow weapons. They may never weild holy weapons of any kind. The necromancer is able to wear armors up to armor rating 2, and may only equip shields or bucklers up to 18" at its largest measurement.

At 1st rank, a necromancer gains the Feign Death ability, Detect Death ability*, Necromancy ability* Speak with Dead spell, Light spell, Raise Minion spell*

At 2nd rank, a necromancer gains Turn Undead spell

At 3rd rank, a necromancer gains Raise Undead (1) spell*

At 4th rank, a necromancer gains Magic Missile spell.

At 5th rank, a necromancer gains Sacrificial Weapon ability* , Sacrificial Cure Light Wounds spell+ , Sacrificial Raise Minion.

At 6th rank, a necromancer gains Cure Disease spell, Cure Poison spell.

At 7th rank, a necromancer gains Curse spell, Sacrificial Cure Moderate Wounds spell+

At 8th rank, a necromancer gains Interrogate Undead ability*, Improved Raise Undead ability*
Destroy Holy Weapon spell (cannot create one).

At 9th rank, a necromancer gains Sacrificial Cure Mortal Wounds spell+, Last Rites spell.

At 10th rank, a necromancer gains Hand of Death ability*, Greater Raise Undead ability*, Improved Feign Death ability* Death Memory- Ability*

At 15th rank, a necromancer gains the Improved Hand of Death ability.


*Detect Death: necromancers can sense if a character is feigning death. To use this ability, a necromancer must say "I am a necromancer, are you dead?" Players asked must answer truthfully, even if they are feigning death.

*Necromancy- so limited and devoted are the necromancer's studies, that all spells cast by a necromancer are at full casting reduction.

*Raise Minion (300 syllables). The necromancer may raise a minor undead servant from the corpse of a living being. This undead servant remembers it's name, functions normally, but does not retain any of its class abilities. The Undead minion has 2 hits, and is destroyed by a single hit from a holy or blessed weapon.

*Raise Undead - as animate dead, but the target of this spell is raised as a zombie. (Per encounter charts), the zombie remembers it's name but not much else. spell lasts no longer than 5 minutes, rest is like animate dead.

* Improved Raise Undead- may raise 2 undead

* Greater Raise Undead- undead raised are no longer vulnerable to holy weapons.

* Sacrificial Weapon - the necromancer may designate a single weapon as their sacrificial weapon. To do so, they must hang from it a red ribbon. The weapon cannot be designated more than once per 10 minutes (or battle/hades). If the necromancer slays a player with this weapon, they may place a black ribbon on the weapon, indicating that the necromancer has performed a sacrifice.

*Sacrificial Cure [X]- a necromancer who has used their sacrificial weapon may cast one cure spell. After this spell is cast, they must remove the black ribbon from their sacrificial weapon, and cannot cast another sacrificial spell until they kill another player, and replace the black ribbon.

*Hand of Death - the necromancer may carry any spell ball that they have already cast. The necromancer must wear a grey glove, and once the spell ball is cast, it cannot leave the hand of the necromancer unless dispelled intentionally or unintentionally. No other item can be held with the spell, and touching the spell ball causes the effect to visit upon whomever it touches. The necromancer may touch other players intentionally to visit the effect upon them. This ability does not bypass shields. If the necromancer chooses to throw the Spellball, they must call an evocation line.

*Improved Feign Death- The necromancer truly embodies death. The the Detect Death ability, and other means to divine if the necromancer is dead do not function.

*Death Memory ability- necromancer may remember events after their death.

* Improved Hand of Death ability- May begin play/ leave Hades with precast held Spellball, ignoring the precasting restrictions of Magic Missile and Curse.

Removals 11/13/16
- leather cloth restriction
- spell frost spike

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