Arrow of making holes in Malkin & Slindar

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HRH Malkin
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Arrow of making holes in Malkin & Slindar

Post by HRH Malkin » 2013-05-28

Can we please get a BRIGHT GREEN cover for that thing?

It's bad enough that it seems to always key on EOG, but it's double the annoyance that it's camoflaged by being a very very dull green almost brownish color. Relics should be stupid/bright green.

For example, my broach can be seen from 42 miles away in total darkness... how about making the AoP that way as well...?

From a couple of "holey" Cavaliers of Kodos...

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Re: Arrow of making holes in Malkin & Slindar

Post by Amazing_Iltztafein » 2013-05-28

I agree. A few months I ran up against someone who had it thinking "What can they do with one arrow to my steelskin?" and then I kept fighting them and they yelled at me that I was dead. They didn't say "ARROW OF PIERCING" or anything, either... So how would I know?

I've observed others also not knowing they were dead because of it, so it's not isolated to you guys and me, either (why would it be?).

The thing looks like a dingy brown or black cover. It definitely is not relic-covered and it is very confusing in the midst of battle and should be fixed immediately.

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Thrush Svartehjertet
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Re: Arrow of making holes in Malkin & Slindar

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2013-05-28

I liked that some washed up, scrub, old dude from a million years back came out, shot me with the arrow of hidden killing, and thought he was hot *. I didn't even know it was the Arrow of Piercing so I walked right AT him with my shield out and he waited for me to get within 20 feet to shoot me in the shield I wasn't moving...

That thing sucks all the dong.

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Re: Arrow of making holes in Malkin & Slindar

Post by fingers630 » 2013-05-28

And why not put some bright ass green tape along the shaft?

Give that shaft some love!
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mardux zulammar
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Re: Arrow of making holes in Malkin & Slindar

Post by mardux zulammar » 2013-05-28

I actually have the fabric in my car to recover the arrows. It'll be done by next event.
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Lord Valfryn
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Re: Arrow of making holes in Malkin & Slindar

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2013-05-29

Yea, I've let it hit me before thinking it was just a muddy arrow.

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Re: Arrow of making holes in Malkin & Slindar

Post by Inox » 2013-05-29

Yeah, that thing needs to be bright neon green.

...and no other arrows can be even close to that same color. There's enough battlefield confusion without stealth relics.
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