Legal Responsbility and Liability

Discussions related to the topic of having Darkon chapters or an over-all Darkon Alliance of clubs all using the same rules or similar enough rules to allow for inter-club events, and character reciprocity.
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Legal Responsbility and Liability

Post by Lord Dubh » 2012-02-04

To nip this argument in the bud:

Any club that uses our rules, even if they call themselves a chapter of Darkon or that they use the Darkon Rules of Play will not impact out insurance nor are we liable in anyway for their club.

This would be re-affirmed with each group via the contract between them and Darkon Wargaming Club, Inc. as part of the license to use our rules.
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Re: Legal Responsbility and Liability

Post by redgee34 » 2015-03-18

I requested that a separate forum be created for these discussions as I can see that it will take several threads on various topics to resolve. I did not want them to get lost in the general proposal area which we know will be the busiest section anyway.
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