Linen Garb

Linen Garb (


Linengarb was started by a family who didn’t sew.

Well, at the time one of us couldn’t sew (we won’t mention who, but we love her anyway).  As re-enactment enthusiasts, we played in the SCA, and we played hard.  All the ready made garb we could find was small, made of cotton or (horror!) made of polyester fabrics. Ouch!

We Needed Big Boy Clothes. Darin Bruck, founder of Linengarb, is a big boy. At 6’3″ he managed to rip all his pants, all the time.  As our son grew, he continued the pattern.  What to do?? Life is short! When you think of it, you need linen garb ready made. Get it, and get it done.

Become Your Own Solution.  We started with the garb we wish someone would make. Like real heavy weight linen Pants and Tunics that won’t rip.  Clothes in rich, beautiful colors that made you look great-”Oooh, what if they were hand-dyed (even better!)- with real period construction like gussets and gores?”  And French seams, so when She-who-must-not-be-named tosses the clothes in the cruel washer they don’t fray all crazy- wouldn’t that be awesome?!?  Right on! We thought so too.

We Made Pretty Stuff for Everyone.  Embroidered Coptic Tunics and Rus Style Pants are just the beginning.  We love clothes, and great ideas like these just come out of Darin’s head.  He’s just good like that.  Also, he has a wife who likes pretty things too and wants more girl clothes added… So, hang out with us. There is more to come.  We love to serve folks who live life to the fullest and love to play in our clothes, just like we do. Welcome to the family!