Medieval Collectibles

Medieval Collectibles ( | also Dark Knight Armoury ( – These are both fronts to the same back-end company, so no need to try to do much comparison shopping between them.

If you are a gamer, choosing to have many lives, then Dark Knight Armoury is where your character comes to life! Whether you are stepping off of the board or onto the LARP battlefield, Dark Knight Armoury is here to equip you to become legendary. Dark Knight Armoury carries a huge selection of metal and leather armour, pieces that span multiple eras and cultures. We have the finest in complete costumes as well as all of the individual accessories for your own custom creation. When it comes to arming, no one does it like Dark Knight Armoury. We carry true, functional arms, and every array of LARP weaponry one can imagine. Whether you wield a sword, swing an axe, draw a bow, heft a hammer, or strike silently like an assassin, Dark Knight Armoury is ready to provide for your persona. Warriors, elves, wizards, monsters and mages are welcome here. Are you ready to get your game on?