Revival Clothing

Revival Clothing – seems to produce a wide variety of items with fairly authentic appearance. You will pay for quality though.


We started Revival Clothing because we saw a need for well-made, authentic, affordable, historical clothing within a business model where most styles are kept continually in stock. Our goal is to create garments that are flattering, functional, durable, and affordable while preserving a historical line. Each design is meant to be used as real clothing to be lived, played and worked inĀ – they are both beautiful and serviceable garments – and because most styles are stocked you can have your medieval clothing, whether it be a complete head-to-toe outfit or that perfect accessory, in a few days.

Because there are very few surviving examples of medieval clothing our work must of necessity be interpretive. Working from museum fragments, illuminations, paintings, and written references we strive to combine elements common to a given style into a new garment that could be representative of the period while also being affordable. When we have to compromise for cost or function, these elements are noted in the reference booklet that accompanies each of our pieces. Finally, we test each piece for function, durability and comfort. The military garments are further tested on the field under the stress provided by experienced combatants.

The Revival Clothing Pavilion at Gulf Wars 2005

We select fabrics carefully, balancing research, function and color. We employ 100% natural fabrics, working mainly in linen, silk and wool, but employing cotton where necessary on some garments (like our Gambeson and forthcoming Pourpoint) for cost and durability.