Merc Tailor

My name is Allan Senefelder. I used to own and run ” The Mercenarys Tailor Armoury” until the economy forced its closure after 13 years in 2011. Since then I’ve taken a few odd jobs, and made items for sale to keep money coming in to work on items owed to folks from when open. I’ve gotten the list down to a few last folks that need their stuff. Here I will be posting up finished items that I have for sale. These are completed items ready to go not spots in a queue. I do not do custom work although I can work to modify things seen here for sizing. If I build something shown here to your size I will not accept payment until it is completed. I work quickly as I need to bounce back and forth between new and owed work to keep the ship afloat. Payment for finished work is through checks, money orders or if needed my personal paypal account. Please see the ” Available Pieces ” gallery for the finished items I have available.  If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them for you. This is a bit of a work in progress so my apologies for the hodgepodge state of it. Please see the ” About Us ” Page for and explanation of how things will work and how they’re made.


A client Mike B. recently posted this as he filmed it A lot of the gear should look familiar as I made it.