Boom-stick Battle – by Valfryn

Title: Boom-stick Battle

Type: Special Rez

Description: Deep within the “Grundle of the world” lies a network of caves. Due to recent mining efforts the caves have become unstable, and plagued with cave-ins. As combatants are wounded and taken back for triage, there are naturally cave-ins behind them. The boomer uses the boom sticks to open passages so that the healed/fresh warriors may join the fray. The boom-sticks are used by the goblins inside the “Grundle of the world” to clear out new tunnels for living, mining and transportation routes

Objective: A team wins when the opposing team is entirely dead, meaning they have no more boom-sticks to respawn their players, and thus remain dead when slain.

Rules of Play:

Team Size: All players will be divided into two opposing teams.

Playing the Game:

The two teams vie for field position to allow their boomer to collect boom sticks and placing them into the boom-basket.

A boomer if given the opportunity may be able to retrieve boom-sticks from the opposing team’s boom-basket.

Boom-sticks allow the respawn of all players in a waiting room, see below for details.

By controlling the boom-sticks and defending your boom basket, a team ensures that they will receive more respawns than the other.

Special Rules:

Boom-sticks: Any combatant, other than the boomer, that touches, steps on, or in any other way interacts with a boom-stick that is not in possession of a boomer is immediately killed.

Boomer: Each team will have one Boomer, and the boomer may not be exchanged until the game is finished. The boomer’s purpose is to remove the boom-sticks that are laid at the half-field line and place them back into their team’s “boom-basket”.

When operating as the “boomer”, the player can touch boom sticks, but cannot move them by any means other than carrying them with both hands; with arms outstretched (you don’t want a boom-stick to go off in your face!).

The boomer must have both hands empty to interact with a boom-stick.

If a boomer moves a boom-stick via kicking, tripping or incidental contact, the boomer is slain, and must respawn behind the boom basket before continuing removing the boom-sticks from the field.

The Boomer is immune to ranged weapons and ranged spell effects.

Respawn: All slain players, other than the Boomer, will move from the battlefield to their team’s waiting room, to await respawn.

Any slain combatants in the waiting room may respawn every player that is currently in the waiting room by declaring aloud that they are expending a boom-stick, and throwing the boom-stick behind the rear spawn-line. Combatants must step over the line and into play immediately.

Area of Play:

The field may be of any shape, but a rectangular one is advised. The field will be bisected initially by a line of all the “boom sticks”. There will also be two equidistant opposing rear-field lines that will serve as the “waiting room” for dead players. Placed in front of each “waiting room” will be a “boom-basket”, to hold all the boom sticks that the team has accumulated.