Clash in Dankwood – by Valfryn

Title: Clash in Dankwood

Type: Capture the Flag/Woods battle

Description: Two rival city states are in a clash, but in the wild lands between them lies foul goblins and orks, it is rumored that an ork Chieftain has raised a keep within the dead of the forests (known as the “Dankwood”, and holds a great weapon of war, capable of destroying the walls of a city. Obviously these two nations wish to gain this weapon to destroy the other…..

Objective: The two teams must capture the Ork Chieftens fort to claim the legendary weapon. Each time a team captures the fort they are awarded a point.

Rules of Play:

Team Size: All players will be divided into two opposing teams.

Playing the Game:

Each team will have one keep, which allows their players to respawn.

In between the two adventurer bases will be constructed as smallish fort (Chief’s Keep). There will be no gate, but projectiles and spells cannot pass through the entry.

Inside this fort will be a token/item/flag (I’m thinking a powder keg or something of the like, a flag will do in a pinch).

This fort is a required capture point for the adventurers. At least three players of the scoring team must be within the fort, without enemy players inside it in order for the controlling team to be able capture the token.

A point is scored by taking that token to the enemy’s base and touching the enemy’s objective (wall).

Once a point is scored, the token is reset, players return to their keeps, wash, rinse, repeat.

Special Rules:

Goblin holes: Throughout the dark forest, many goblins lay in wait to spring out on a wary traveler, or just to hide from bigger creatures. There will be marked off areas that are treated as impassable terrain for anyone that isn’t a goblin. This gives the smaller goblins a place to hide. Within the goblin hole, weapons from outside cannot harm goblins within, but a single AOE blast that lands inside the hole kills all goblins hiding there, regardless of their spacing. (Goblins inside the hole may feel free to kill each other if they disagree about something)

Boomsticks: The greenskins of the Dankwood are equipped with these wondrous devices. They have been known to destroy bulwarks, and render men lifeless with a loud bang! (Destroys shields, mortal wound if contact made with a player). These cannot be wielded by adventurers.

Bom-balls: Another Dankwoodian device, it clears great swaths of, well, anything after it hits. (AOE 3ft, dead)

Orks: as player class + 1 hit of barbarian rageness, cannot be grappled.

Goblins: as player class , uses monster hits of 1 (first hit kills), immune to AOE, may use goblin holes, backstabs with all the things.

Casting Spells: All casting times are halved.

Area of Play:

Each team will have a keep.

An ork chieftain’s fort will be located in between the two teams.