Gather Your Fallen – by Lost

Title: Gather Your Fallen

Type: Special Rez

Description: A pitched and bloody battle was fought and the toll to both armies was great. In order to reclaim your fallen comrades you must battle once again.

Objective: Collect and hold as many skulls as possible by the end of a 30 minute period.

Rules of Play:

Team Size: All players will be divided into two opposing teams.

Respawn: Respawn points will be designated.

Playing the Game:

5 skulls will be put in various places on the field of play. Each team gathers and defends as many skulls as they can for a 30 min time period.

Skulls may be capture/carried by any means/player.

Captured skulls must be placed in their teams “stronghold”. This can either be a structure or their starting edge of the battlefield.

Skulls within a “stronghold” can be taken by the other team and vice versa.

Teams will be awarded 1 point per skull are in their stronghold at the end of 30 minutes.

Special Rules:

Area of Play:

The field may be of any shape.

The field will be seeded randomly with skulls.

On each side will be a respawn point for either team.

A “stronghold” will be placed at either end OR will be designated by each team’s starting line.