Kings and Brimstone – by Lost

Title: Kings and Brimstone

Type: Regicide Special/Rez


Objective: Kill the enemy king.

Rules of Play:

Team Size: All players will be divided into two opposing teams.

Respawn: A respawn will be designated.

Playing the Game:

There will be 10 pieces of “brimstone” on the field of play.

The King will be given a crown to wear during game play so he or she can be clearly identified.

When The King has been killed the team will be awarded a point.

Special Rules:

King: The king can only be killed by being hit with brimstone.

Brimstone: When thrown at an opposing player, will do yellow weapon damage to the area that is struck and cannot be thrown at a player above the shoulders.

Area of Play:

The field may be of any shape.

The field will be seeded randomly with brimstone.

On each side will be a respawn point for either team.