Wizard’s Duel – by Deadsmell

Title: Wizard’s Arena

Type: Special


Objective: In order for a team to win, they must capture all three towers OR control more towers than the opposing team by the end of the match.

Rules of Play:

Team Size: Using the arena, as describe below, a team may be up to 3 players each.

Time Keeping: Each round consists of 100 stones (or beats) on a drum. Each beat is approximately two seconds. The stone-thrower (time keeper) begins by announcing the current stone count and then beats the drum.

Adventure Rules: Adventure rules are in effect for Wizard’s duel.

Capturing a Tower: To capture a tower a player must be inside a tower for 10 stone, without casting and/or without an opposing living player being in the tower.

Death: When a player is killed\mortaled they must remain down for 8 stones. On the 7th stone they must rise to their feet and shout “alive!” on the 8th.

Wands: Each tower contains a wand. Each wand has three charges. Any player with casting ability may use a wand.

Red Wand – Fireball

Blue Wand – Lightning Bolt

White Wand – Ice Bolt (Freeze player for 15 stone, in a block of ice just as Ice Storm)

Special Rules:

Pre-Battle cast spells: Players may cast ONE spell normally allowed pre-battle. i.e.  Steelskin, Stoneskin, Protection spells, Magic Shield. The exception to this rule is Pouch, a player using Pouch as their pre-cast spell can cast a spell into it.

Abyss: Any player that steps/enters/is pushed into the abyss is removed from play for 15 stone, and returns on the edge of their starting area.

Area of Play:

Starting areas: Each team starts in a 5’ x 40’ zone along the edge of the arena

Abyss: The 15’ x 20’ area in the middle is a bottomless abyss.

Towers: Within the abyss are three 5’ diameter towers. These are capture/control points necessary to win the game.

Planar Bridges: Each tower has a 2’ x 5’ bridge to it from each side. The Planar bridges phase in and out of existence, starting out of play. Every 10 stone the bridges phase for 10 stone.

For example: Match starts, bridges are down. 10 stone pass, bridges are up. 10 stone pass bridges are down. 10 stone pass bridges are up.