Unstoppable Progress? – Part 1

Title: Unstoppable Progress? – Part 1

Type: Caravan

Description: Redclaw the Druid has resisted the constant encroachment of “civilization” for longer than anyone can remember. The Withered Summit is sacred and no amount of coercion or aggression will move him. Unfortunately for him the Withered Summit is also rich with veins of mithril and the Iron-fist dwarves will not rest until they get their hands on it.

The Iron-fist dwarves have developed a new method to strip-mine mountains in a short amount of time; however they have been cut off from their outpost and need assistance.

While the Iron-fist dwarves were building up a force to breach the Drehr thicket and crest the Withered Summit, Redclaw has motivated the local orc and goblin-kin to prevent their ascension.

Objective: Escort Dwarves to outpost and defeat Goblins / Defend the outpost.

Rules of Play:

Team Size: All players will be divided into two opposing teams.


  • Kex Foulghost, Goblin Shaman (10th lvl Druid)

o   Shrines Defense (animate dead) x 10 at a time

  • Booma, Goblin Shaman (10th lvl Mage)

o   Shrines Defense (animate dead) x 10 at a time

  • Dwarf Captain (10 lvl Fighter)

o   Has Dwarf abilities

o   Has 3 Dwarven Grenades per encounter (fireball)

  • Goblins

o   Can wear up to AC 2

o   1 hit

o   Can respawn via the Respawn Elder OR by spending 30 seconds away from combat

o   Wilderness Walking (can go off the path)

  • Dwarves

o   Can repair armor/shields/weapons as Mending spell by spending 60 seconds

o   Cannot use the Respawn Elder

Playing the Game:

Each team is assigned a Respawn Elder, which stays approximately 10 ft behind their team’s rear most player.

The Goblin team enters the playing area first to establish ambush points.

The Dwarven team enters and must fight its way to the outpost, keeping the Dwarven Captain alive.

As the two teams engage each time, allow the battle to continue long enough to get fierce, then move the defending Respawn Elder back to the next ambush point and turn off respawn. As defenders die and go to their Respawn Elder they redeploy. Once the attacking force engages the defending force, the defending Respawn Elder turns back on.

Continue until final battle at outpost.

Outpost Battle:

The Outpost is walled, has no gate, and follows all normal rules for structures. Inside there is a goblin shrine, as long as that shrine is unsullied, the two goblin NPCs with “Shrine’s Defense” can use their ability.

Once the battle becomes fierce both Respawn Elders are turned off.

Special Rules:

Shrine’s Defense: Can animate up to 10 goblin players, at a time, as skeletons during the final battle, as long as the goblin shrine is unsullied.

Dwarven Grenade: Acts as a Fireball, with no word count.

Wilderness Walking: All goblins and Rangers can travel off the marked path. All other players must stay within marked areas UNLESS directly engaged in close combat. Note: This does not count for archery.

Respawn: All slain players can respawn at their Respawn elder.

Traps: The path is littered with traps. The easiest way to represent traps is to use known spell balls, such as a “Fire Trap” as a fireball.

Area of Play:

A woodland trail, marked with left and right limits, ending at a roped off “Outpost”. The trail should be known and tailored to the goblin team players.