Revival Leather Goods & Adkins Historical Reproductions

Company Info
The website is our commerce site for our two companies, Revival Enterprises, Ltd. and Adkins Historical Reproductions.
Revival Enterprises, Ltd. manufactures and distributes products from our divisions, Revival Leatherworks and Revival Martial Arts are our lines that produce medieval shoes, leatherworks (belts, gloves, etc.), hardware, pavilions and complete martial arts equipment for Western martial arts (such as our Revival Armour and rubber daggers, poleaxe heads, and spear-tips). Made to the highest standards, our goal is to provide moderately priced but very high quality goods for the SCA, reenactment, and Western martial arts enthusiast.  Many of these products, including our line of tents, are available for wholesale terms.

Scott Adkins started making armour and leather goods not too long ago. He called his company Adkins Historical Reproductions.  He made lots of bits and pieces for a few years but ran into problems.   By a wierd fluke he ended up getting Revival and now runs it, with a bit of help from his wife, but mostly by himself.  As R&A  grows he plans to design new products and start producing armour pieces.

Scott has about 25 years of ma training including MMA, various stick fighting styles, Karate, Jui Jitsu Law enforcemnet and Military training.  He was an assistant instructor At Skip Halls Martial Arts Center in Birmingham, where he received one of his belts. He is also a former Birmigham Police Officer and spent a couple years in the Army.