Robber’s Rebellion Camping Adventure 8/2 – 8/4

Darkon Crownlands Campout at Camp West Mar
(For this date, take note we cannot arrive on site on Friday before 4:00PM, as another group has the site reserved until that time.

Arrival time is Friday, August 2nd at 4:00PM and after NO EXCEPTIONS!


Adventure plot details: In the lush lands of Nottinghamshire, the peasantry suffers under an abusive regime lead by blithering fool with an iron fist. Rebels lead by a whimsical figurehead fight to break free of their oppression. Travelers from distant lands may help the rebels in their plight to break free of their bondage or help to crush their insolence by aligning themselves with the evil ruler and his men. Vie for boons of great power, steal ownership of plots of land from one another, and complete various quests and trials to advance your cause.

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