Battle games, to prepare for war….

With the formal declaration made by Prince Tyriel Firebrand to his sitting royal highness, King Alfred Goldenhue, a Crown War is certain to take place at the annual Bellum Aeternus gathering.

As the banners prepare to be once again be raised, the rulers of many Darkonian countries have deemed it necessary to prepare the populace for war. It is declared that every person of fighting capability, participate in combat training exercises being sponsored by the crown.

The first exercise in this series of Battle games, will feature Capture the flag. This will take place on Sunday, January 12 at Burtonsville Park, with check-in beginning at 12:00PM.

This also marks the first event of the year, 2020. So come on out and start the year swinging!

Senate will also take place at this event. For a complete listing of all items to be discussed at Senate, please refer to the Darkon Senate page on Facebook. If you are looking to submit something for Senate January 3rd is your deadline.

(Photo by Pre Postmortem)

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