What is Bellum Aeternus?

Bellum Aeternus runs April 15 – 19 this year in Upper Marlboro, MD (see the map post for more location info).

Bellum Aeternus is a 5 day festival of all things Darkon. We welcome veteran Darkonians, cross-gamers, and new players to come out and join us as we prepare to experience our Ninth annual rendition of this event (which is the single largest multi-day LARP event in the Maryland/Virginia/DC area).

Below are just a sampling of somethings that attendees can experience at Bellum Aeternus:

  • Wednesday Night Welcome Party, spend the day setting up your camp and then join us for a fun kickoff to our annual event.
  • An Evening Adventurers Tavern (for those 21 and older).
  • Vendor Row- In year’s past this has been where you can find fine merchants for food, jewelry, LARP weapons, armor, bags, garb, furs, furnishings, and more.
  • The Annual Firebrand Tournament- A scheduled event where you can test your skill and compete against other combatants from across the country.
  • Battle Game Scenarios- We always have some fun stuff planned. Count on us running some classic favorites like “kick the can” and “Halcon’s Warrior Bridge”, as well as new scenarios.
  • Adventure Days on Thursday and Friday- Immerse yourself in a roleplay adventure experience, this year’s adventure will focus on the events of the Crown War. More will be revealed in time…
  • The Crown War…. The crowning event of the weekend will be on Saturday. Prince Tyriel Firebrand has declared his claim to the Throne. The Prince’s forces will face off against the reigning High King Alfred Goldenhue’s army.
  • A site with solid amenities- community firepit, showers, food vendors, and ample parking.
  • For the first time ever, we are planning to have a family camping area located on the site. There will be more to share on this later, but there are good things in store!
  • A dedicated and helpful staff made up of volunteers from the realm of Darkon.

We hope to see you there! We will check back and post more news on all things Bellum Aeternus as it becomes available.

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