Bellum Aeternus XI Pre-Register NOW OPEN!

Tickets through pre-registration are $35 and cover the whole event. Last day to pre-register is 11:59PM, April 10th.

Tickets bought at the door and after pre-registration ends abide by the following price schedule:
Wednesday: $40
Thursday: $35
Friday: $30
Saturday: $25

So many reasons to register and other important things to know, click here for more details concerning tickets and our new Family Camping Area.

Why Pre-register? Pre-Reg saves you money, makes check-in easier for you (and our staff), you get some free extra bonus credits for your character, and the first 50 to pre-reg get a surprise gift at check-in!

Review our Overnight Camping rules here (take note, these are subject to change prior to the event)

Full Legal Name
Class for bonus credit

Major credit and thanks to Lisa Meyah for this year’s amazing Bellum Logo! Bellum Aeternus IX, the year of the Cat.

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