COVID-19 and Event Cancellations

Bellum is postponed until September 22-26 of 2021, all day events are cancelled until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You will need to look at the schedule that can be found off of the home page to see the status of events moving forward until further notice.

There is a lot of information from various experts saying what should and should not happen.

We know we are not experts and we don’t know what the heck is going to happen with COVID-19. We waited to get more information and there is no clear cut right decision to make here. This is a tough call. But if we are looking at the two sides:

Side A:
Hosting a game we love with people we love.

Side B:
We cancel events. The information out there is confusing and conflicting in many places. But if we choose wrong someone’s life could be ruined forever. If not ourselves, we all have someone in our life over 60, or with a pre-existing health condition that (as we understand it) makes a person more vulnerable to this virus.

We are also in a position where we have to make decisions ahead of time to economic factors- cancellations cost money. That decision has been hastened due to new guidance from the CDC and supportive dialogue with the Noble Council.

We know that our decision will be upsetting for many- we are not happy with it either. Like you all we have been looking forward to this event all year and have invested a lot of personal time, money, and energy towards it.

This was not a decision made lightly but faced with the decision to proceed with hosting events and potentially risking the safety of our members (and the special people in their lives that have contact with them)- well as tough as it was it was really not a decision- the choice we had to make was clear to us

For folks that pre-registered and want a refund we will get you a refund. There might be a slight turn around as we make these arrangements, OR- if you would be willing to let us credit the amount towards your ticket to Bellum IX when it’s rescheduled (a great way to support your volunteers who are a little overwhelmed at the moment) we will give you your pre-reg gift next time we see you, and in the mean time you can rest easy knowing you are already all set for Bellum IX when it happens.

Please contact for all refund based questions.

Regarding Day Events:
At this time our day events are on hold until further notice.

Online Activities:
You can’t keep a good Darkonian down. We will still aim to be an active online community, and your BOD is working out a plan this week for how we will be doing some online community events. However, to take part in these activities you will need to use facebook and be in the Darkon Crownlands group for updates.

Facebook Group Link:

We hope that in the coming months our decision today to postpone Bellum and cancel day events will be looked back on as an overreaction, and we are sorry it has come to this, but ultimately feel this is for the best.

Thank you to all members of the Noble Council and board for support. To all of our vendors (which folks should still visit their shops online to support these fine folks) and members we truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

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