Bellum Aeternus XI Welcomes You!

Bellum Aeternus XI will run May 3 – May 7 in 2023 in Culpepper Virginia at the Mountain Run Winery.

This year our adventure take us to lands of the fae with more details to be revealed in time… here is what we have heard so far… a visitor from Darkon’s past returns… not since the last great hunt have your paths crossed. They have watched the courage and tenacity of Darkonians from afar and have chosen the time of the Beltane summer to test your arms, knowledge, and cunning. Rewards both great and terrible are to be had, and may the odds be in your favor…. just make sure to hang on to your name- you wouldn’t want to carelessly give it away to the fae would you?

And that is what we have for now as a small preview of the adventure portion of this year’s Bellum… more to be revealed in time! Of course Bellum is so much more than just the fun adventure theme chosen for this year. You can expect Tournaments of skill, artistry, bardic contests and more, all at a wonderful winery site with great amenities.

What all can you expect at Bellum Aeternus? Click here to learn more about what to expect at our annual grand event!

Tickets through pre-registration are $35 and cover the whole event. Tickets go on sale on March 3rd. Last day to pre-register is 11:59PM, on April 21, 2023.

We pride ourselves on embracing the role of a non-profit organization and delivering our players maximum fun and amenities at minimum costs. You will not find events like this anywhere else, and being sensitive to the costs we charge for events helps to keep our club accessible and inclusive and we love that!

Tickets bought at the door and after pre-registration ends abide by the following price schedule:
Wednesday: $40
Thursday: $35
Friday: $30
Saturday: $25

Admission for children that are camping with their parent/guardians in the family camping area is $10 for entire event.

Children under 16 attending: We have a family camping area and allow families to bring children under the age of 16. Do understand the club is not hosting any activities specifically geared towards kids. The activities at Bellum are geared towards members so you should self-plan activities to keep your young ones entertained. A lot of the daytime events we have planned can be exciting to watch, and there is a nice park/jungle gym area the kids have access to and it is located close to the family camping area. After dark, with exception to accompanied trips to bathroom facilities close by, children under the watch of a parent or guardian should be in the family camping area. We are excited to be taking the steps towards making a club that will be more inclusive towards the needs of our members who have children, but remember that kids are not members. Darkon is also not here to babysit your kids so make sure they are in the care of parent or guardian at all times and observing the family camping rules. There are special rules for children attending site that their guardians must ensure are observed. Please review the below rules section carefully.

Camping Policies: This is something everyone must read before attending this event. Please review the attached policies here.

Spectators: Spectators that are friends and family of attending members are welcome to visit the winery, vendors, and observe the event between 12:00PM and 7:00PM Friday and Saturday, but they may not actively participate in any larping activities happening on site. Children must be accompanied by adults at all times.

Why Pre-register?: Pre-Reg saves you money, makes check-in easier for you (and our staff), you get some free extra bonus credits for your character!

Complete the section below with your legal name and the class (fighter, bard, mage, etc.) you wish bonus credits to go into. The link will then direct you to Paypal to complete your transaction.

Full Legal Name
Class for bonus credit

Major credit and thanks to Lisa Meyah for this year’s amazing Bellum Logo!

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Check out the Facebook event page for latest event updates here.

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