Darkon Crownlands Event Precautions (For COVID)


In review of what we do as an organization, we considered safety guidelines in effect for outdoor sports alongside CDC recommendations to come up with the following precautions that are to be observed until further notice once Darkon resumes hosting events. We care deeply about member safety and have implemented high safety expectations.


You do not have to have to carry and present your original vaccination card, a copy or a picture on your phone is fine so long as it is legible and we can see all the info kept on the front side of the card.

It is important to understand that any precaution, is by no means a guarantee of safety. It is up to each person to not only assess their own risk, but the risk they may place to others they have close contact with.

If you determine you cannot meet our entry requirements, or if you decide it is not in your personal interest to attend events during this time we understand, and we hope to see you at events again in the future post-pandemic.

I. Initial arrival to site:

(These procedures will happen at every event until this policy is lifted. You must go through this process every time. You must pass the gate requirements and have what you need for entry every time. We recommend taking a picture of your vaccine card and keeping it on your phone.)

1. If you are feeling sick stay home- don’t come out to the event.

2. Arriving at site:

Day Events: have your car placed in park in close proximity to the check in location which at Burtonsville (our primary day event site at this time) is the pavilion. Put your flashers on. If it is not apparent that anyone is aware of your presence a brief double tap of your horn would be appreciated- however if you see our staff busy attending to another vehicle please be patient- we will be with you soon.

Bellum Aeternus: The check-in location would be the first barn structure you reach upon arriving at the site- at Bellum you may step out of your vehicle after parking, and GO DIRECT TO CHECK IN. Go to the Barn to check in. Do not unpack or approach anyone else until you have checked in.

3. Have your proof of vaccination card or a picture of the front of the card (which you can store on a mobile device) ready. Our staff are looking for your name AND either 2 signatures for Moderna and Phizer vaccines, or one for those that received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. We will not be checking dates on vaccination cards, but be advised the CDC recommends that a person is not fully vaccinated until about 2 weeks have passed from the date of your last vaccination.

4. If occupants of vehicle are cleared you will be directed to park and then officially check in at the pavilion. Day events are still $5.00 with the first attendance (for standard day events only) free for any new members. For Bellum Admission rates please consult the pre-registration post.

5. Know that once you have fully checked in at the event (whether it is a day event or a campout) you are free to leave and comeback through out the full duration of the same event, without having to go through entry requirements again. At Bellum keep your event tag (a token you wear in a visible location upon completing check in) on you at all times so there is no confusion on this. At each event, until these pandemic precautions are limited, understand you will have to go through the full check in requirements again- no exceptions.

II. Regarding Mask/Face covers:

1. In the interest of safety understand that mask/face covers do not need to conform to garb standards. That said the mask/face cover should not be adorned in any way that would run afoul of any other rules- I.E. no metal spikes on mask for gameplay safety reasons, and no obscene material that would harass or alarm a reasonable person.

2. While Maryland state law has lifted the need for masks for vaccinated persons, local county ordinances at parks we are using currently still have mask mandates in effect. For this reason at any park with such an ordinance in effect we will observe their requirements until these are lifted.

3. We recommend you keep an extra mask in your car at all times just in case it is needed.

III. Good Hygiene:

A hand sanitizer or hand washing station will be provided at events by the club. You are however encouraged to bring and use your own hand washing agents rather than rely on ones provided by the club/site.

At campout events please attend to your personal hygiene, just because you will be outside for several days it does not mean you still cannot make efforts to be clean, and sanitizing is more important than ever during these times.

At Bellum there will be showers on site and as an alternative buying a box of baby wipes can be a good way to stay clean in a pinch. Wear that deodorant/anti-perspirant daily.

IV. Social Distancing:

The CDC has advised that social distancing is not needed for vaccinated persons and all of our attendees will be vaccinated. However, you should be courteous and assume people are more comfortable with having personal space- we are only just now easing back to being in close proximity to others. It is important to understand that people that were okay with close physical contact before the pandemic (example- hugging) may have revised their personal comfort levels with proximity to others since the last time you saw them and that must always be respected. Always ask for consent and respect others.

V. No Common Sources for Drinking:

Hydration is important, but you will need to bring your own individual packaged water.

To reduce risk of transmission, common sources such as water coolers or kegs for water/drinks/etc. will not be permitted for public consumption.

VI. Bellum Specific, spectators:

No spectators will be permitted at Bellum Aeternus. This event is on private land, and although in the past we have had visitor days, it will not be permitted during the time of the event. Everyone in attendance will need to be 16 or older, have a ticket, and be able to adhere to our entry requirements.

VII. Respect “House” Rules:

Countries and Vendor Booths may have their own safety requirements in effect. These are to be respected while/if you are visiting their locations.

I.E. if a vendor says only 2 people are allowed inside their merchant tent at a time, this rule is to be respected.

If a country (the in-game term used for a unit’s walled in personal camp at a camping event) says they are not allowing any guest visitors inside their walls, this should be honored (though no one should use this rule to impact play- I.E. no hiding adventure items in personal camps- something that already is not allowed anyway.). Restrictions to visitors do not apply to members of the Board who are present for an official purpose – I.E. responding to a safety concern.

VIII. Staff Are In Charge:

As always, the Board of Directors reserves the right to remove a person from an event at any time. If you are making good effort to follow our policies and adhere to our instructions you should be fine.

Please abide by staff requests and be kind to our staff. Our staff are not experts in fields of safety or medicine, they are volunteers who are doing their best to serve our community during these unprecedented times.

IIX. Gameplay Specific Rule Changes in effect:

The tactic described in the rules as “Grappling” is at this time and until further notice not permitted due to the close and prolonged physical contact this creates between players.

Other actions which may (according to the rules) possibly lead to a grappling situation are allowed, but grappling itself is to be avoided.

IX. Have a concern?:

As always, if you would have a concern at an event know you can always speak with an Elder (event organizer/referee), Noble (member of club safety council), or Board of Directors for assistance.