Event Schedule

Below is the 2023 event schedule for Darkon Crownlands.

~For spots in schedule that say “TBD”, we are still coordinating with potential sites and/or event hosts to fill in the details for the event but rest assured we will have an event on this scheduled day.

Unless otherwise stated on event page, check-in is from 12-1pm. Day events typically run until 4-5pm. For more event details visit event pages at: 


Dec 18, 2022Layhill Park Spot #5 Day of Wrong
Jan 15, 2023Layhill Park Spot #5 Ice Breaker Battle
Jan 29, 2023Layhill Park Spot #5 TBD
Feb 12, 2023Merrit Point Park TBD & Senate
Feb 26, 2023Lake NeedlewoodTBD
Mar 12, 2023 Layhill Park Spot #5 Emrys Bridge Battle
Mar 26, 2023Layhill Park Spot #5 House of Cards
Apr 9, 2023TBDEgg Hunt Royal Rumble
Apr 23, 2023Layhill Park Spot #5 Spring Commoner’s Tourney & Darkon University
May 3-7, 2023Mountain Run WineryBellum XI
May 21, 2023Layhill Park Spot #5 2 Teams & Senate & Elections
June 4, 2023 Merrit Point Park Dread Summer
June 18, 2023Layhill Park Spot #5 Noble Tourney & Darkon University
July 2, 2023Layhill Park Spot #5 Day of Wrong & Kick the Can
July 14-16, 2023Mountain Run Winery The Absolute Gift: Making a Wish Come True Campout
July 30, 2023 TBDIgniting Summer
Aug 11-13, 2023Mountain Run Winery Where Stars Fall Campout
Aug 27, 2023TBDTBD
Sept 8-10, 2023Mountain Run Winery Elidor Campout TBD
Sept 24, 2023TBDFall Commoner’s Tourney
Oct 8, 2023TBDPotential Feast Weekend Dates TBD
Oct 22, 2023TBDPotential Feast Weekend Dates TBD
Nov 5, 2023TBDPotential Feast Weekend Dates TBD
Nov 19, 2023Merrit Point ParkTBD
Dec 3, 2023TBDTBD
Dec 17, 2023TBDTBD
Dec 31, 2023Layhill Park Spot #5 Day of Wrong & Kick the Can