Make A Character


   You enter the world of Darkon as a character that you create from the ground up. Everything about the personality of your character, from your name and background to the way that you role play your class is fully customizable – the only limit is  your imagination.

Darkon allows you to freely role play almost any character that you can think up. Do you want to be a mysterious elven wizard who talks to spirits? You can do that. A doughty dwarven champion of your Hall? No problem. A ferocious Viking raider? Yep, you can do that too.

You can choose to portray any fantasy race that appeals to you or be a human in a fantasy world. There are no benefits or detriments to your character for portraying any fantasy race. You may choose to use the flavor of a fantasy race when building your character in order to help shape your background and persona. You will find plenty of players portraying elves, humans, orcs and other common fantasy races on the field.

Choosing a name is the most important part of making your character.  You must choose a unique name for your character.  Avoid names that are taken directly from famous works of literature, movies or video games like Legolas,  Hermione or Ezio. Your name should reflect your character’s personality and heritage. You can choose any last name or to add  a title like “ Captain” or “Matron” to make your character more unique, but remember that titles like “Sir” or “Mistress” are reserved for those who have earned in-game titles and prizes.

Your persona or character is who you will portray in the world of Darkon.  Developing your character’s personality will help you participate in the game more fully. Take the time to put together a few background details for your character. How and where did your character grow up and come into the world of Darkon? What are your character’s likes and dislikes? What religion or ethos does your character follow and how does that affect your character’s decisions?  Having a background and personality profile for your character means that you can react more quickly to events on the field and in role playing situations.

Photo complements of Yak Iam/ www.
Photo complements of Yak Iam/ www.

   An integral part of creating your character  in the world of Darkon is choosing your class. The class that you choose reflects your character’s profession. Darkon offers you the opportunity to choose from a variety of classes. Each character class offers different benefits and limitations. Some classes have restrictions on weapons and armor or require specialized gear.  Consult the official rules for in-depth information about the class that appeals to you. Check out the class descriptions provided here for a quick sketch of what each class is about.


Darkon’s most popular class, a fighter is a warrior type character. Fighters have no weapon or armor restrictions, no spells to worry about and few special abilities to keep track of. This class is very versatile and allows for myriad role playing choices.  Fighter characters could be veteran soldiers, viking raiders, skilled archers, or maybe just a poor shepherd who decided to see the world – whatever would motivate you to pick up a weapon and fight for a living.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: None. Fighters can use any armor, weapon or shield.

Special Abilities: Mend Armor & Shields


Resourceful survivalists, rangers are masters of their environments. Rangers have weapon and armor restrictions, but also get spells and abilities that make them an essential addition to any country. These lightly armored warrior type characters are commonly depicted as woodsmen, but can also hail from arctic, desert, subterranean or urban environments.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: chain mail as max armor. Shields up to 36 inches in any shape. Can use any non-shieldbreaking weapon (examples include : swords, two handed swords, maces, flails, bows, etc.)

Special Abilities: Tracking, searching for new territory for your country, enchanting your bow, light healing and curing.


Battle priests and healers, cleric is a dynamic class that allows for lots of creative role play and excellent battle abilities. Clerics are able heal, cure and raise the dead through their communion with their gods, while wearing heavy armor and fighting in the front lines. You choose your character’s religion and style of devotion. Templar, devoted healer, mystic scholar – the cleric class offers you the opportunity to play your character in a variety of ways.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions : Can wear any armor and use any shield. Restricted to crushing weapons only (examples: maces, flails, clubs, staves)

Special Abilities: The most powerful healing and curing in the game, resurrection, making potions and scrolls,  limited offensive spells


Devoted to preserving and protecting nature, druids are stewards of the land. Druids are able to use their powerful connection with nature to cast offensive and defensive spells, and use a variety of weapons to protect the lands that they love. Part warrior, part mage and part priest, the druid class offers versatility and a wide ranging skill set to allow you flexibility in the development of your persona and play style.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Leather armor only, shields no larger than 36 inches,  slashing and piercing weapons ( swords, daggers, spears, etc), clubs, staves and bows or crossbows

Special Abilities: medium healing and curing, medium offensive spells, can cast natural armor


The classic magic user, mages are the strongest offensive spellcasting class in the game. Mages also have utility spells that allow them to use their magics to protect themselves and others, mend and enchant items and use their arcane power in a variety of ways. Mages are indispensable in both battle and while adventuring. Choosing the mage class means making some sacrifices in martial power up front in exchange for becoming a powerful weapon as you gain levels.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: no armor allowed, no shield allowed except a summoned Magic Shield via spellcasting, weapons restricted to swords, staves, daggers, clubs and maces

Special Abilities: Powerful offensive and defensive spellcasting


Masters of stealth and disguise, thieves have a variety of abilities that allow them to be effective both on the battlefield and in adventures. Opening locks to get the goods out of a treasure chest, disguising themselves as a member of an enemy faction to gather information, using precise strikes to take down a foe, acquiring treasure through stealth or from the bodies of the dead – the broad range of skills that a thief type character brings to the table allows you flexibility in any situation.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Limited to studded, splint, ring or hide as max armor. Shields may not exceed 36 inches. Cannot use any weapon over 4 feet in length or chained weapons. Can use bows/crossbows.

Special Abilities: Backstab ability, looting, making and using poison, use magical scrolls, climb walls, disguise, open locks


The hidden knife that waits in the shadows, assassins are in the business of death.  Ninjas, black ops specialists, hired hit men – choosing the assassin class allows you to specialize in one very particular skill set. You don’t have to shout it to the world; you can portray your assassin character as any other character or personality type. Who would suspect the local blacksmith is really a specialist killer? After all, the best assassins are the ones that you would never suspect.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Limited to studded, splint, ring or hide as max armor. Shields may not exceed 36 inches. Cannot use any weapon over 4 feet in length or chained weapons. Can use bows/crossbows.

Special Abilities: Assassinate, backstab, make poison, disguise


Masters of the mind and body, monks use their specialized concentration skills to become disciplined warriors. Monk characters use their exceptional fitness and devotion to order to make themselves into living weapons against their foes. The monk class offers you the opportunity to portray a character whose personal discipline has been essential in transforming them into a natural warrior and survivor.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: No shieldbreaking weapons, bows or crossbows. No shields or armor allowed.

Special Abilities: Immunity to many conditions incuding poison, natural armor, self healing

Warrior Mage

Fighters who have taken some time from their training to study the arcane arts, warrior mages combine some of the utility spells of the mage class with martial skills. Strong utility combined with few weapon restrictions give you the flexibility to pursue many characterization and persona options when you choose the warrior mage class.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: May use any non-shieldbreaking weapon. Limited to studded, splint, ring or hide as max armor. No shield allowed.


This character type is presented here because it is something that you will see on the field, although the class is not available to new players. Cavaliers are noble holy warriors with some spell casting ability. They may choose to portray a good or evil knight.  Cavaliers can heal themselves and others, cast a limited selection of clerical spells, are immune to disease and adhere to a specific code of behavior.  Only those who have achieved the rank of Knight of The Realm and been victorious in a special kind of tournament can portray cavaliers.