Award Honorees/ Orders of The Realm

Armigerous Awards

Awards that when given bestow the right to wear personal livery and heraldry and be known as “Master” or “Mistress” and are only awarded a single time per player. These awards may be given once a year, nominations are to be given to the chairperson of the awarding body responsible by the second event of October.

Order of the Stag (OS) – Granted by the Board for major contributions of service to the Club, not necessarily related to an elected office. A Master of The Stag is one who has repeatedly served with distinction as marshal, organizer, elder, etc.

Andor (2012, Converted)

Andrick (2013)

Arioch (2012, Converted)

Aziza Firebrand (2013)

Caetrel Von Garren (2013)

Cort von Wrathis (2012, Converted)

Felina (2012, Converted)

Inox (2014)

Kai Firebrand (2013)

Keira Von Garren (2013)

Kenafin Mizzrym (2012, Converted)

Kesyra (2012, Converted)

Lucius Crum (2012, Converted)

Moonrift (2012, Converted)

Red Flammar (2012, Converted)

Ronan (2012, Converted)

Thrush Svartehjertet (2012, Converted)

Tyriel Firebrand (2013)

Valfryn (2014)

Varnak (2014)

Zentor Grymm (2012, Converted)


Order of the Dragon (OD) – Granted by the Senate for continuous demonstration of positive attitude. Master of the Dragon is one who has continually demonstrated a positive attitude, good sportsmanship and high level of support for the other Participants and has the general respect of the realm.

Aethilgar Sheldwich (2013)

Andrick (2012)

Aziza Firebrand (2013)

Caetrel Von Garren (2013)

Cailen (2013)

Cormac (2013)

Darll (2013)

Game (2014)

Gutzmangul (2014)

Kai Firebrand (2013)

Kakow (2014)

Keira Von Garren (2013)

Ronan (2013)

Rza (2012)

Tyriel Firebrand(2012)

Wulfvin (2014)


Order of the Gryphon (OG) – Granted by the Council for demonstrating great leadership. A Master of The Gryphon is one who has led the Club forward as a club elected official or furthered the development of the game in some outstanding way.

Andrick (2013)

Bendore (2012)

Caetrel Von Garren (2012)

Cailen (2013

Haffoc Sandwalker (2012, Converted)

Jayde (2012, Converted)

Kai Firebrand (2012)

Keira Von Garren (2012)

Ronan (2012)

Tyriel Firebrand (2012)


Order of the Raven (OR) – Granted by the Senate for exemplary performance in the arts. A Master of The Raven may be a superb roleplayer, has outstanding garb, or someone who makes great weapons, armor or accessories, or contributes in some extraordinary way to the atmosphere of the game. A Master of the Raven is one who enriches the game through their actions and appearance, and espouses their excellence to others.

Andrick (2012)

Anoc (2012, Converted)

Bard (2014)

Bendore (2012)

Brittania (2012)

Caetrel Von Garren (2012)

Cauthon (2012)

Diedrich Siegenlander (2012)

Dritz Orlffson (2012)

Exodus (2014)

Faleris (2013)

Fyxe (2014)

Gor (2014)

Grog (2014)

Gutzmangul (2013)

Inox (2014)

Jester (2012)

Kakow (2014)

Keira Von Garren (2012)

Kobalos (2012)

Maladeph (2014)

Rillin (2014)

Ronan (2012)

Rza (2013)

Saris (2012)

Snudge (2012)

Thirty-Six (2012)

Thrush (2012)

Tyriel (2014)

Valfryn (2014)

Varnak (2014)

Whisper (2014)

Wraith (2012)

Yak (2014)

Zeroth (2013)


Order of the Sword (OSW) – Granted for skill at arms and fighting prowess. Sword Masters differ from other Orders in that they must prove themselves in battle to attain the title.

i.            A Sword Master candidate petitions and is voted on by the Council, if approved they must win a Noble Tournament fight as run by the Noble Council to earn entry into the Order and become a Sword Master.

ii.            Sword Masters, after possessing their title for one season, may defend in Noble Council Tournaments against both Council members and approved Sword Master Candidates.

iii.            Grandfathering Clause – All Knights of the Realm who have won a bout in a Noble Council Tournament before passage of these bylaws are members of the Order of the Sword.

Aethilgar Sheldwich

Alfred Goldenhue

Alton Mizzrym

Andrick VanDahl

Bannor McKragg

Caetrel von Garren

Cailen Sendor

Cort von Wrathis

Corwyn MacTaggard


Damien De Braxus

Diedrich Siegenlander


Inox Elsonáge Thensiur

Kai Firebrand

Keldar Vinnerex

Malkin Campbell

Martin Falconbridge

Slindar Magrishall

SoulLo War

Tarim von Raenor

Thorson Oxheart (2012)

Tyriel Firebrand

Valfryn Ken’Virr

Vaughan von Wraith

Vladimir The Black


Order of the Eagle (OE) – Any Participant who has achieved membership in all five Master Orders, the ultimate achievement in the club, is eligible to be made a Master of the Eagle with Board approval. Masters of the Eagle are automatically awarded Knight of the Realm with all rights and responsibilities given for said award.

Andrick VanDahl (2014)

Caetrel Von Garren (2014)



Non-Armigerous Awards

Given for recognition by the Club but do not bestow any special privileges or costuming. These awards will be given once a year, nominations are to be given to the chairperson of the awarding body by the second event of October.

Order of the Mask (CM) – Given to those individuals to one individual annually, chosen as the best representation of their class. Companions of the Mask are awarded by the Senate. (Clarified by Board December 2012, to be ratified by Senate CY2013)

Absolom (2012, Cleric)

Andrick (2012, Cleric)

Bard (2014, Warrior Mage)

Bloodreaver (2014, Cleric)

Cailen (2012, Cavalier)

Deuce (2013, Mage)

Faleris(2012, Cleric; 2013, Cleric)

Grog (2014, Fighter)

Kakow (2014, Monk)

Kole (2014, Ranger)

Magnus (2012, Druid)

Moonrift (2012, Fighter)

Pain (2012, Monk)

Rennard (2012, Cleric)

Rza (2012, Monk; 2013, Monk)

Sasaki (2014, Thief)

Snudge (2012, Thief)

Soulo (2014, Cavalier)

Thrush (2012, Fighter; 2013, Fighter)

Whisper (2014, Assassin)

Wolfie (2012, Mage)

Wulfwin (2014, Druid)

Zeroth (Warrior Mage)


Order of the Crown (CC) – Awarded to those that have served on the Board for a full term.

i.            Companions of the Crown are automatically awarded at the end of the term.

ii.            Grandfathering Clause – Any who have served a full term on what was called the Executive Board of the Club are given this award for each full term.

Order of the Boar (CB) – Awarded for outstanding contributions to the club by a group (country, retinue, guild, etc.) Companions of the Boar are awarded by the Board.

House Dubh (2012)

Myrmidon Entertainment (2012)

Naughty Nymph (2012)

Drauhaus Brauhaus/ Chosen Blood (2014)


Order of the Swan (CS) – Awarded for minor contributions of service to the Club. Companions of the Swan are awarded by the Board.

Aziza Firebrand (2014)

Caetrel Von Garren (2012)

Calus (2014)

Cein (2014)

Darll (2013)

Deuce (2014)

Fingers (2014)

Foxglove (2014)

Fyre (2014)

Kai Firebrand (2012)

Keira Von Garren (2012, 2014)

Maladeph (2014)

Mason McAllister (2014)

Mostyn (2014)

Ragu (2014)

Red Flammahar (2014)

Rithgar (2014)

Ronan (2012)

Tyriel Firebrand (2012)

Varnak (2014)

Waco (2014)

Yak (2014)


Darkon Award of Excellence – Awarded for excellence to one person annually by the President.

Keira Von Garren (2013)

Varnak (2014)


Golden Spud– Awarded to one individual annually for having a great attitude and showing eagerness and loyalty to the club. Awarded by the Senate to a player that has joined the Club within the past 12 months.

Keladry Mindelan (2012)

Zahar (2012)

Brandy Stolasrz (2013)

Knees (2014)