Bring out your dead – Upcoming Feb 23rd Adventure Puts A New Twist On Ice Breakers

Within the realm of Darkon, fragments of the most ancient lore make references to a rivalry that has existed longer than the dawn of most nations.  Two beings of sorcerous power, so great that they have defied and enslaved death itself, walk as demigods amongst men. No one knows where their animosity sprang from, only that there are records of the devastation left in the wake of their arguments.
Two ancient and powerful sorcerers are preparing for battle; they have come across former battle ground within the realm of Darkon and have raised armies to fight as their proxies. Chickenbone of the western continent, against his ancient foe, Mortifer of the eastern continent. Their powers are so closely matched that only through surrogate combat can a victor be found. The two immortals will possess fallen warriors and lead the battle themselves. So great is their power, that the undead raised by their fell sorceries are more like shadows of the living, with their spirits crushed, and their will completely consumed by their masters.
23 Feb 2014 Burtonsville Two team Ice breaker – Adventure rules Necromancers (Chickenbone and Mortifer) as well as their two accolytes (ghouls) are the resurrection points. Unlike a traditional Ice Breaker, the resurrection points will come to you, you must stay down when dead. You team affiliation will be to whatever creature resurrected you.
Team Chickenbone – Red
Team Mortifer – Blue
Such is the nature of their magic, that all creatures under their power will recognize allies. (When in doubt name your team ((think Imotep)). You cannot lie about what team you are on, but you do not have to answer) When brought back you have all of your abilities, armor, etc. It is treated like a normal rez from an Ice Breaker point.
Game will be best 2 of 3. Be prepared for some brutal fighting.