Garb Tutorial by Rachel Sváva Adams

Garb Tutorial via Facebook Group: Dagorhir Garb Discussions

by Rachel Sváva Adams


Tunic and pants:

Make your tunics at least knee length. Either of these tunic tutorials can be made into floor length dresses, as well.


Greek Chiton, unisex:



Both for non-stretch fabric and stretch fabric.


Basic Pants:,27015.0.html


Wrap pants





 Fantasy Gown:



Minus the t shirt underneath.


Other Garb:

(best ones I could find that was in game)

(should be shorter to fight in)Sari/saree:A sari/saree is just a 6-9 yards piece of fabric with finished edges. You absolutely need a choli and a skirt to wear under it.


 Head wraps:,26652.0.html,24986.0.html