Unstoppable Progress? Part 1

Redclaw the Druid has resisted the constant encroachment of “civilization” for longer than anyone can remember. The Withered Summit is sacred and no amount of coercion or aggression will move him. Unfortunately for him the Withered Summit is also rich with veins of mithril and the Iron-fist dwarves will not rest until they get their hands on it.

The Iron-fist dwarves have developed a new method to strip-mine mountains in a short amount of time; however they have been cut off from their outpost and need assistance.

While the Iron-fist dwarves were building up a force to breach the Drehr thicket and crest the Withered Summit, Redclaw has motivated the local orc and goblin-kin to prevent their ascension.


Players may elect to help either the Iron-fist dwarves or Redclaw the Druid. The dwarves will be escorted to their over-run outpost. The goblin-kin will set ambushes and traps in order to slow down/stop their advance. The goblins have set up a shrine in the ruins of the dwarven out-post, and have erected a goblin effigy.

Type: Caravan Battle

Elder designated Resurrection points will move with the battle. As the battle progresses along the path, small time-out periods will be set aside to allow the reset of ambush points.