Unstoppable Progress – Part 1 – Waiting

Kex Foulghost, goh-bahlin spirit finder, squats in the burned out shell of a building, staring at the reflected flames on the idol of Zigzag, underlord of bones and dandruff.

Booma, jhork spirit namer, lead the goh-bahlins in the nightly ritual. The goh-bahlins skin hunters dancing furiously, drums pounding, the bones in the fire blackened and cracked.

“It has been two plus two plus one burning saars since Mug Madrender, big Kha-ghul, commanded us to kill/eat/burn the stunty beards. Kex Foulghost need no tell kill squat beards, but pact with pink skin Redclaw no good. Kex Foulghost think Mug Madrender no last long. Strong sons of Mug see weakness and eat him, then goh-bahlins will raids on all pink skins.

All tomorrow thoughts, stunty beards be coming back. Krax and his finders already see stunty beards coming with their pink skins. They not know that Kex Foulghost already make ready.

Let the stunty beards and their pink skin allies come back, thought Kex Foulghost, always room over goh-bahlin fire.”