MINE OF MAYHEM!  Upcoming Bridge Battle on 2/8!

A ruined keep is discovered in the New World, left behind by an ancient civilization. This ancient race forged remarkable weapons of Mithril. The first scavengers from Darkon looted what was left here and the quality of the find quickly becomes a legend throughout the Realm. Later it is disovered that the keep is built upon a great mine containing the metal to make more of these magnificent weapons. Two teams vie for the valuable lode of mithril ore!

Simple Rules!

– The battlefield will be ready when check-in closes at 1. Pick up fights are encouraged on the bridge area if you want to get familiar with the playing field! After land searches two teams will be assigned by the Elders and the Bridge Battle will officially begin.

– Both teams must stand behind their Resurrection Post when lay on is called.

-You may only enter the field by the entrance near your Resurrection Post. You may walk outside of the battlefield lines to revive, but must reenter properly. Unlimited resurrections.

– The “Bridge” area is a plank and rope bridge. You may shoot missiles and spells at anyone on the bridge, and you may swing and stab over corners. It is the main section of the battlefield

-The “Mine Shaft” area is an enclosed tunnel. Any player with both feet in this section is immune to missiles and spellballs while in the mine, however they may be struck with melee weapons from anyone alive on the battlefield. The Mine Shaft is narrow to encourage one on one fighting (think “Heroes’ Bridge)

– Any player with one foot entirely over the rope boundaries is considered dead, and Elders will strictly enforce this. This includes the Mine Shaft as well as the main Bridge (gameplay > realism in this case). A player who steps partially on the rope will be warned and must step back in bounds immediately.

– The Mithril Ore is kept at the center of the Mine Shaft. It can only be moved by two players each using both hands. This will require a skillful fighter to defend the Mine Shaft while his team mates grab the ore behind him, or it will require a team to control both access points to the Mine Shaft.

– A team scores by moving the Mithril Ore to their Resurrection Post. If either of the two players carrying the Mithril Ore take their hands off of it, or are killed or otherwise incapacitated, then the Ore drops to the ground at that exact spot until two players with free hands can again pick it up. If the Ore is knocked out of bounds it will be reset where it left play (or at its origin point at the Elders’ discretion. Upon scoring, hold is called and teams reset.

-Best 2 out of 3 and then teams may be adjusted.

– This scenario will be played for 60-90 minutes, and then the bridge will be open to standard Rezz Battle play with no scoring

– One player from each team will be awarded MVP and receive a Silver Weapon based on sportsmanship, ferocity and general effectiveness, to be determined by the opposing team!